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2016, Day 6: or Oil Changes & Chick-fil-A

Jonathan from Chick-fil-A

Jonathan from Chick-fil-A

Busy day today :). But a good one! Started with sitting around then heading to get an oil change. Realized in the McD’s drive through (hello, Dr. Pepper!) that I left my wallet at home, but had enough cash for breakfast and Brent and Kacie love me enough to change my oil anyway :D. The shop, Yocum Automotive, has been in several books because they rock ;). The best around! I ended up taking a kiddo to the doc, so we hit Chick-fil-A for lunch and saw my buddy Jonathan. I’ll often see 4 or 5 people I know (the owners are good friends as are some of the employees), but today it was just Jonathan and the manager guy I’ve met once but knows my hubs. I thought Jonathan was making a more fun face, but this is what I got ;).

In between all of it, I got a fair bit written. And dealt with a leaky washer (hoping it’s just the rubber seal/gasket on the front of the front loader) and a bunch of other stuff :p.

On the upside though, I’m loving Jonathan’s (the fictional Jonathan, not my CFA buddy Jonathan) story so far!

Quote of the Day:

“I hate math. I’ll never need math!” – 14yo Moncado child

Today I’m thankful for an honest auto shop. Brent (owner) & Kacie (office manager) are the bomb diggity. 😉

Writing Report:

Tuesday: 1068
Total: 3276 (3.85%)
To Go: 81724 (96.15%)

Today: 2533
Total: 5809 (6.83%)
To Go: 79191 (93.17%)

Tomorrow’s plan:

*I’m gonna read some of PRINCE FROM HER PAST tonight
*Read more PFHP tomorrow
*Write 3500 words (one of these days I’ll make it ;))
*Hang out at home and do nothing else, except maybe attempt spaghetti in the pressure cooker 😀

2016, Day 5: or Long Day

12yo sleeping after the first day back
12yo sleeping after the first day back

I got the 8yo to the dentist, but after a night of little sleep, I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked. I did get a nap though. And my first reader, Emily N., (she gets a new file every night I write something new ;)), loves Jonathan’s story so far. That make me happy :D. Plus I think I’m going to bed early.

Tonight has been full of “real life” stuff so not much else accomplished. I did get some words in but I’m on my phone right now and don’t want to go check how much it was ;). I think about 500 words.

Maybe a bit more.

I don’t really remember.

So today’s other stuff:

Quote of the Day:


“We’re on Gallifrey. Death is Time Lord for man flu.” – The Doctor, Hell Bent, Doctor Who Series 9

Thankful: friends who let me vent and don’t judge (you know who you are ;))

Writing report:
Um…I read some pages and wrote some words. More detailed stats tomorrow ;).

Tomorrow: Oil change for the van, writing 3500 words, editing 60 pages, kids to Awana

2016, Day 4: or An Update

Goofy 8yo after his haircut

Goofy 8yo after his haircut

All righty. Day 2 of this accountability through blog posting thing…

Kids were home today, which means not as much done as I’d have hoped during the day, but a productive day nonetheless! Plus Jonathan met his heroine and she’s totally adorable!

Something I’m thankful for: My family. I know I said friends yesterday, and many would argue family comes first – and they do, but I’m talking about specifically today. My 14yo came and sat with me for a while and we just talked. My kids got along well (almost) all day. My husband is a rock star.

Writing Update for Jonathan’s Story:

Today: 1485
Total: 2208 (2.6%, I know the numbers don’t match up from yesterday, though I’m likely the only one, but there was an error somewhere yesterday…)
To Go: 82792 (97.4%)

Other Stuff Done:
Formatted Gifts of Love for paperback, though it won’t release until next fall. I need it for gifts for some very special people. Also finished the Gifts of Love paperback cover. We’ll see what the CreateSpace file gurus say about them when they look them over. Hopefully, they won’t need edited again, but we’ll see… I’m also planning to go read PFHP for a bit before bed.


*Take 8yo to dentist and hopefully to school
*Write 3500 words
*Saxophone lessons for 14yo
*Read 50 pages of PFHP
*Deal with any GoL issues needed, hopefully quickly

2016 Day 3: or Let’s Try Something New

My sweet doggy when he was found 18mos ago; My sweet doggy a couple weeks ago - in his Lion King pose on the towels

My sweet doggy when he was found 18mos ago (and what the dog Jonathan finds looks like ;)); My sweet doggy a couple weeks ago – in his Lion King pose on the towels

So here’s my new plan. Yep. I have one. That’s about all I got but here we go ;).

Not every day but a lot of days, I think I’m going to blog or post on Facebook or something – I’m not sure what’s going to be best. Just a quick check-in on what I’ve accomplished, especially writing wise, that day. Accountability. Not to try to get lots of new blog followers, or even lots of comments here on on Facebook where it’s shared, but just to keep myself on track.

Because I have a super ambitious 2016 planned and if I don’t get stay accountable and motivated, it won’t happen :p. That 2016 includes:

Prince from her Past, releasing February
* A new, but related series, set in Serenity Landing – Jonathan William Langley-Cranston IV is the hero of the first book
* The Grace series (not sure of it’s official title yet) and my favorite hero ever (book 1 is already written but needs some polishing)
* The beginnings of a new royalty series – not sure where it’ll be set just yet though – probably Western Hemisphere…

Anyway – in that daily-ish post will be…

* A picture
* A writing update (or editing, etc.)
* Something I’m thankful for

So today…

I’m thankful for friends who stick by me. (Many more things of course, but I’ll go with that one today ;).)

Writing Update for Jonathan’s Story:
Today: 610
Total: 1023 (1.2%)
To Go: 83977 (98.8%)

Plus I printed off Prince from her Past so I can start the read through tomorrow.

That’s all for now! Ciao!

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