2016, Day 4: or An Update

Goofy 8yo after his haircut

Goofy 8yo after his haircut

All righty. Day 2 of this accountability through blog posting thing…

Kids were home today, which means not as much done as I’d have hoped during the day, but a productive day nonetheless! Plus Jonathan met his heroine and she’s totally adorable!

Something I’m thankful for: My family. I know I said friends yesterday, and many would argue family comes first – and they do, but I’m talking about specifically today. My 14yo came and sat with me for a while and we just talked. My kids got along well (almost) all day. My husband is a rock star.

Writing Update for Jonathan’s Story:

Today: 1485
Total: 2208 (2.6%, I know the numbers don’t match up from yesterday, though I’m likely the only one, but there was an error somewhere yesterday…)
To Go: 82792 (97.4%)

Other Stuff Done:
Formatted Gifts of Love for paperback, though it won’t release until next fall. I need it for gifts for some very special people. Also finished the Gifts of Love paperback cover. We’ll see what the CreateSpace file gurus say about them when they look them over. Hopefully, they won’t need edited again, but we’ll see… I’m also planning to go read PFHP for a bit before bed.


*Take 8yo to dentist and hopefully to school
*Write 3500 words
*Saxophone lessons for 14yo
*Read 50 pages of PFHP
*Deal with any GoL issues needed, hopefully quickly