Finally Mr. Write

Finally Mr Write Final

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Eighteen months. That’s how long 30-year-old Josh Wilson has to get married. He’s been widowed less than a week, but Bo Jamison, Josh’s late father-in-law, tied his inheritance to his marital status. Josh would be fine without Bo’s money, but failing to meet the stipulations means Bo’s wife and Josh’s daughter get nothing. And Josh can’t live with that.

Stephanie Jamison is only twenty, but her blog on purity is extremely popular. She’d planned to move in with her best friend in Serenity Landing, but the friend eloped, leaving Stephanie with no place to go. The nanny job offered by her great-uncle right before his death seemed to be the perfect solution.

Until she found out she’d be living two rooms down from the boy she used to have a crush on.

Josh barely remembers the girl who fell off the stage at drama camp. Though he’s fairly sure Bo was trying to set him up with Stephanie, he has no choice but to accept her help. Despite his late father-in-law’s interference, it’s too soon to move on – and Stephanie is much too young. Or he’s much too old. Or both.

When circumstances spiral out of control, they have two choices – get married or lose everything. On the line are Stephanie’s blogging job she loves and the inheritance Josh needs for his mother-in-law. It’s the only way he can keep the club going and his employees paid. They grow closer, but will they ever believe he’s Finally Mr. Write?