2016, Day 6: or Oil Changes & Chick-fil-A

Jonathan from Chick-fil-A

Jonathan from Chick-fil-A

Busy day today :). But a good one! Started with sitting around then heading to get an oil change. Realized in the McD’s drive through (hello, Dr. Pepper!) that I left my wallet at home, but had enough cash for breakfast and Brent and Kacie love me enough to change my oil anyway :D. The shop, Yocum Automotive, has been in several books because they rock ;). The best around! I ended up taking a kiddo to the doc, so we hit Chick-fil-A for lunch and saw my buddy Jonathan. I’ll often see 4 or 5 people I know (the owners are good friends as are some of the employees), but today it was just Jonathan and the manager guy I’ve met once but knows my hubs. I thought Jonathan was making a more fun face, but this is what I got ;).

In between all of it, I got a fair bit written. And dealt with a leaky washer (hoping it’s just the rubber seal/gasket on the front of the front loader) and a bunch of other stuff :p.

On the upside though, I’m loving Jonathan’s (the fictional Jonathan, not my CFA buddy Jonathan) story so far!

Quote of the Day:

“I hate math. I’ll never need math!” – 14yo Moncado child

Today I’m thankful for an honest auto shop. Brent (owner) & Kacie (office manager) are the bomb diggity. 😉

Writing Report:

Tuesday: 1068
Total: 3276 (3.85%)
To Go: 81724 (96.15%)

Today: 2533
Total: 5809 (6.83%)
To Go: 79191 (93.17%)

Tomorrow’s plan:

*I’m gonna read some of PRINCE FROM HER PAST tonight
*Read more PFHP tomorrow
*Write 3500 words (one of these days I’ll make it ;))
*Hang out at home and do nothing else, except maybe attempt spaghetti in the pressure cooker 😀


  • To the comment of the day…..yep. I love it. Taught physics. Hubby loves it. However Algebra and tweens has to be God’s scourge on parents!

    To Chick Fil A…. If they put a store in North Pole, AK, I’d be there every day!

  • Carol

    LOL! Yep! I was a math major at one point. My mother taught about six different maths and sciences etc at a small school. My sister teaches biology and physics. She’ll use it whether she realizes it or not!

    And North Pole?! For real?! Oooo! That would be fun!!! (To visit or write about – not sure I’d want to live there ;))

  • Kacie Presnall

    Thanks for the compliments! We appreciate your whole family. Thank you for the referrals too. A referral to one of your friends/family/co-worker is the highest compliment we can receive. Have a great day!
    P.S. I hate math.

    • Carol

      LOL! We love y’all Kacie! So very glad you’re in our town and not like…Willard. Or Rogersville. Or somewhere stinky like Nixa ;). We refer you guys whenever possible because we know you’re honest and we can trust you to be up front with us. Hugs!