Small Town Girls Don’t Marry Hollywood Hunks

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He’s a Hollywood hunk.
She has half a working face.
What could possibly go wrong?

Beaches of Trumanville
Book 1

Mia Beach has spent her life being overlooked.

And she’s just fine with that.

It’s far better than being seen and found lacking.

Especially with her recent diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy.

So when a Hollywood hunk shows up, she decides to keep her distance.

Eli Whitaker has different plans.

He’s fascinated by the girl with the eye-patch, and her faith in a Savior he’s just coming to know.

Paparazzi, family indifference, and a stunning revelation from Eli’s not-so-distant past may derail his chances at an Happily Ever After TV movie career before it begins – and convince Mia they don’t have a future.

Because Mia knows… Small Town Girls Don’t Marry Hollywood Hunks.

Until they do…