My Star Rating System
Most books I review, I actually “influence” for. This means I get a copy of the book in exchange for a good review/promoting it on my blog/Facebook/Amazon/etc. If I don’t like the book, I keep my mouth shut. That’s the way influencing for books works.

Some books I get through “review” sites. That means I’m to give my honest opinion no matter what it is. However, I rarely choose books I don’t think I’ll like so the reviews are likely to be highly starred books as well.

With books I purchase on my own, generally I won’t take the time to review them unless I enjoyed them.

So if you notice most of the books I review have at least 7-8 stars… that’s why ;).

Baney, Karen

Barkman, Amy; Roome, Debbie; Ruckman, Tracy
Board to Death

Brendan, Maggie
Deeply Devoted

Byler Younts, Elizabeth

Boeshaar, Andrea
Always a Bridesmaid

Cabot, Amanda
Summer of Promise

Calvert, Candace
Critical Care, Mercy Hospital #1
Disaster Status, Mercy Hospital #2
Code Triage, Mercy Hospital #3

Camden, Elizabeth
The Lady of Bolton Hill

Coble, Colleen
Blue Moon Promise

Connealy, Mary
In Too Deep [Kinkaid Brides, book 2]

Dacus, Kaye
The Art of Romance [book 2]
Turnabout’s Fair Play [book 3]

Darlington, C.J.
Bound by Guilt

Dickerson, Melanie
The Merchant’s Daughter

DiMaria, Megan
Searching for Spice, Linda Revere #1
Out of Her Hands, Linda Revere #2

Holmes, Gina
Dry as Rain

Jennings, Regina
Sixty Acres and a Bride

Jones, Jenny B.
Save the Date #1
There You’ll Find Me #2

Kingery, Laurie
The Rancher’s Courtship

Kingsbury, Karen

9/11 Series
One Tuesday Morning
Beyond Tuesday Morning
Every Now and Then

Oceans Apart

Lessman, Julie
Series: Daughters of Boston
A Passion Most Pure
A Passion Redeemed

Lindsey, Christine
Shadowed in Silk

Mangum, Erynn
Series: Lauren Holbrook
Miss Match
Match Point

McDonough, Vickie
Long Trail Home

Munson, Diane/David
Redeeming Liberty
Joshua Covenant

Rog, Sandi
Yahshua’s Bridge

Rohrbough, Linda
The Prophetess One: At Risk
Pitch Your Book [iPhone App]

Smith, Jill Eileen
The Wives of King David

Tang, Camy
Protection for Hire

Thompson, Janice
Stars Collide*
Hello, Hollywood*

Vetsch, Erica
A Bride’s Portrait of Dodge City, Kansas

Wright, Greg
Daddy Dates [non-fiction]

*Combined review