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2017, Day 4: What I’m Working On Now, Winter 2017


New year… new plans…

So what’s coming from me, book wise, this year? I have some seriously ambitious plans, but we’ll see if they come to pass. Here’s what the plan is though. It is kind of novella heavy, but those are quicker and easier to write (usually!), and I have some I’ve been itching to get to.

A big chunk of this depends on how quickly I can get this current WIP done and into a writing-full-time-from-home groove. I’m also in the process of learning how to use dictation and transcription (both via DragonDictation) to improve my speed and am also looking at one of those pens you write on paper with and then it flips it to your computer in digital format. Somehow. I don’t understand how it works, just that it does. 😉 I’m hoping with all of those, I can speed up production. If so… who knows?! It could all come faster :D.

I do have a friend who dictated (via Dragon) FOUR. FULL. FIRST. DRAFTS in November. FOUR! Like three more than one. Full 70-75K drafts (which is about what my first drafts are though I shoot for 85Kish for my final drafts – the rest comes in edits). So yeah. Dictation. Working on it. 😉

Anyway… the tentative plan…

  • January or February: Glimpsing Hope (Christopher Bayfield) – look for a newsletter with release information later this month!
  • February or (early) March: Beauty and the Beast with a twist! (novella set in a BRAND NEW fictional country)
  • March or April (or even May, sigh): Reclaiming Hearts (Prince William of Mevendia)
  • April: Dare You (novella set in Serenity Landing with connections to Montevaro and the new royalty series coming later; this one is done and should release regardless of Reclaiming Hearts )
  • May: Lifeguard novella
  • June: Historical novella set in Mevendia and Ravenzario
  • July: Historical novella set partially in Mevendia
  • August: Grace to… (untitled full length sequel to Grace to Save; also opens on 9/11)
  • September: Novella to complete Mevendia novella collection
  • October: Christmas novella (I already have the cover! Oh. My. Lands. I love it!)
  • November/December: Heart of a Prince (full length first in the new royalty series! Picks up with Jordan from Dare You as soon as it ends – I already have this cover, too, and LOVE IT! And the prologue makes me cry – Every. Time. I read it.)

So there we go. Ambitious, but hey – if you shoot for the stars and miss, you could still hit the moon ;). Yeah. That’s it :D.

Fall 2016: What I’m Working On Now


What am I working on now?

Well, the honest truth is not much of anything.

A couple days ago, I posted this post about why I’m taking some time off. Not too long. Just a few weeks, but I need some R&R. Or at least no writing/deadline stress.

I’m also entering my first competition season as a marching band mom. Our next four weekends have competitions anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours from home. Plus three family birthdays and… well, it’s time for a break.

I’m also going to watch a bunch of movies and/or episodes of things like Gilmore Girls. Read a bunch of books for fun. Make my story world bible. Read some craft books to become a better writer.

Things like that. And give my mind a break.

I will finish up the Christmas story in October and get it out when it’s done.

So what will I be writing when I do write?

  1. Christmas story in October
  2. Possibly fun thing just for fun
  3. Christopher Bayfield’s story for NaNoWriMo! (I already have the cover for it! YAY!)

I’m also updating my “What’s In The Works” post to reflect what’s coming next, further into the future. 😀

What I’m Working on Now: Summer 2016

What I'm Working on Now Summer 2016

It’s time for another update! I know you’re waiting with bated breath ;).

And it’s kind of ironic, because the whole reason I’m writing this post right now is to procrastinate. Hey. At least I’m honest ;).

So…what’s coming up?

  1. A fun novella that will be part of a collection later this month. More details coming soon! And this novella will revisit a couple old friends while introducing a new set of characters that will be the subject of the first novel in the new royalty series later this year or early next.
  2. Jonathan William Langley-Cranston IV’s Still Untitled Story – but yay!!!! Hopefully hitting a Kindle near you in late July!
  3. Christopher Bayfield
  4. Prince William of Mevendia
  5. Three fun royalty novellas (hopefully this fall)
  6. A fun Christmas novella
  7. New royalty series mentioned in #1 (late this year or early next)

I’ve got covers mocked up for all of those but the first one! I can’t wait! I’m so excited about all of them!

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