Fall 2016: What I’m Working On Now


What am I working on now?

Well, the honest truth is not much of anything.

A couple days ago, I posted this post about why I’m taking some time off. Not too long. Just a few weeks, but I need some R&R. Or at least no writing/deadline stress.

I’m also entering my first competition season as a marching band mom. Our next four weekends have competitions anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours from home. Plus three family birthdays and… well, it’s time for a break.

I’m also going to watch a bunch of movies and/or episodes of things like Gilmore Girls. Read a bunch of books for fun. Make my story world bible. Read some craft books to become a better writer.

Things like that. And give my mind a break.

I will finish up the Christmas story in October and get it out when it’s done.

So what will I be writing when I do write?

  1. Christmas story in October
  2. Possibly fun thing just for fun
  3. Christopher Bayfield’s story for NaNoWriMo! (I already have the cover for it! YAY!)

I’m also updating my “What’s In The Works” post to reflect what’s coming next, further into the future. 😀


  • Branalyn

    So I stumbled upon your books through the wonder of Kindle Unlimited (or, as I call it, Kindle Less Limited). I just left Alivia and am headed back to the European side for what I am guessing is Christiana’s story. I found your timeline and I’ve read a couple books out of order before I realized they were all connected or found it but I’m loving it. There’s genuine humor (sometimes book humor seems so forced!), every time you make a reference, whether it’s to your world or the real one, I feel like Captain America (“I understood that reference!”), and I adore when an author creates a world and just sinks in, connecting it all together. I am certain you have earned a break but I want you to know I’ll be anxiously awaiting your next work!

    • Carol

      Thanks so much Branalyn! I’m so glad you’re enjoying them! I’m working on a few things that I hope will mean books will come closer together over the long run. We’ll see how it goes ;). (And so sorry it took so long to get back to you! I’ve had some website/email issues but I think they’re fixed now!)

  • Kathy

    Carol, I thoroughly enjoy your works. As an experienced marching band mom all I can say is, “thank goodness the trailer is parked for the season!” Please keep writing your amazing stories!

    • Carol

      Thank you, Kathy! I’m new at this whole thing, but it could well be my life for like,ever. If all my kids march, that takes me through 2025 ;). My oldest daughter then wants to take over from the current director* who will be retiring about then (which is when she should finish college). I’ve already decided that will make me band godmother :D.

      I enjoyed it, but it was a crazy few weeks for my husband to. He was out of town at least one day (usually Thursday or Friday or both) every week for about a month and a half, all right through there. Hopefully next year will be a bit calmer! I’m loving getting to know my fellow band moms though!

      *She wouldn’t be head director but the current head director teaches woodwinds which is what she is. So one of the assistant directors.

  • Mandy

    I have loved your books and the characters that you’ve brought to life! I usually finish a book feeling that it just was not long enough, so I really appreciate that your story lines are longer and intertwine with each other! Please keep writing, I can hardly wait to read the next books in your series.