What I’m Working on Now: Summer 2016

What I'm Working on Now Summer 2016

It’s time for another update! I know you’re waiting with bated breath ;).

And it’s kind of ironic, because the whole reason I’m writing this post right now is to procrastinate. Hey. At least I’m honest ;).

So…what’s coming up?

  1. A fun novella that will be part of a collection later this month. More details coming soon! And this novella will revisit a couple old friends while introducing a new set of characters that will be the subject of the first novel in the new royalty series later this year or early next.
  2. Jonathan William Langley-Cranston IV’s Still Untitled Story – but yay!!!! Hopefully hitting a Kindle near you in late July!
  3. Christopher Bayfield
  4. Prince William of Mevendia
  5. Three fun royalty novellas (hopefully this fall)
  6. A fun Christmas novella
  7. New royalty series mentioned in #1 (late this year or early next)

I’ve got covers mocked up for all of those but the first one! I can’t wait! I’m so excited about all of them!

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