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June 2017 #Kindle #Sale & #Giveaway

Whew! If it hasn’t been one thing, it’s been another!!! Hello flight delays! And WordPress not taking my password (but thanks to GoogleFu, I now know how to reset it from the back end – as well as get rid of the login blocker). And swollen ankles (thanks to conference room chairs and small airplanes and flight delays that leave you standing for 2.5 hours). Getting the pictures and graphics to cooperate? Madness I tell you! Seriously – these are not my best work, but I think they’ll get the point across ;).

And sheer exhaustion from all of it!

But here it is! I’ve had a sale going on for a couple of days now! It runs through Friday, June 9.

So, between now and then, we’re doing a giveaway! All of the prize packs below include a paper copy of:

  • Discovering Home
  • Glimpsing Hope
  • Reclaiming Hearts

Why? Because I FINALLY got the paper copies in and so I can! YAY!

Entries are simple.

If you’re on Facebook:

  1. Join the new Facebook Reader’s Group (you will have to be approved, but that’s just a matter of me or my assistant getting to it :)). Check out the latest newsletter for more information about it – and all kinds of other goodies!
  2. Like one of the posts about the giveaway on the Carol Moncado Books page
  3. Comment on one of the posts about the giveaway on the Carol Moncado Books page
  4. Share one of the posts about the giveaway from the Carol Moncado Books page

If you’re not on Facebook, comment here and let us know that you’re not :). (If you’ve never commented before, it’ll go into moderation – this is a one time thing and should you ever comment again with the same email address, you’ll be good to go! I’ll get to them asap!) Winners will be announced here on the blog next week. Unfortunately, the physical prizes are available to US residents only. However, the gift card option is available to anyone capable of receiving an Amazon gift card.

Entries close at 11:59pm June 9.


This plush ladybug is ADORBZ! My kids have begged me to keep it ;). The pencil pouch is pretty cool too! AND I just got the paper copies of Serenity Landing Second Chances in, so every winner gets those!

This yarn is hand dyed by my friends at Show Me Yarn! They do FANTASTIC work! In fact, they’re the ones that inspired all of the heroines in the Serenity Landing Second chances series!

The yarn pops are small skeins you can do fun stuff with! The Candy House Sweet Shoppe Self-Striping is probably my favorite (Etsy listing for a closer look). And the Riverside Inn is from the cover of Glimpsing Hope. I promise it’s the same! But the picture on the front cover is before they re-skeined it. (Etsy listing for a closer look.)

Each of the heroines in Serenity Landing Second Chances does their part to help set trafficked women free by supporting FreedomWorks! This fabric yarn (about 1″ strips) is made by these women, giving them a way out of a life they likely had no choice in. It makes fantastic pot holders or placemats and I’ve seen some other really cool stuff, too!

The winner of this package will get his/her choice of two skeins of two different colors (first choice). I can email better pictures if needed.

This is the same fabric yarn as Prize Pack 3. It can be purchased at Hobby Lobby as well! This is a fantastic cause I hope you’ll consider supporting!

The winner of this package will get his/her choice of two skeins of one color (from what remains after the winner of prize pack 3 has chosen). I can email better pictures if needed.

And the equivalent of a $20US Amazon card for the international readers! There’s two of those :).

Thank you all so much for your support on this journey! I appreciate ALL. OF. YOU!


Newsletter and Giveaway!


(Due to some problems I’ve been made aware of, I’m extending the giveaway through July :)! Thanks for signing up!)Carol newsletter

Hey there, blog readers!

So, there’s a tiny little change here on “Carol’s Blog” – so tiny you probably didn’t even notice it – but you should

Up there. See that castle? If you look right below it there’s some lines.



Books I’ve Read [it’s [almost] up to date for this year!]

Fun WIP Progress Meters [those aren’t up to date :p]


Reviews [woefully out of date – it’s on the to do list!]

Picture6Oh! What? You’re not sure? It’s that Newsletter link! (The giant picture at the top of the post might have helped too ;).)

Yep! I now have an author newsletter! I promise not to be spammy! Honest! But you can’t get it if you don’t sign up. So this month, I’m running a giveaway. Anyone who signs up for my newsletter between now and the end of the month will get their choice of prizes mentioned on that page. The winner will be announced in the first official newsletter in early July!

So CLICK HERE to sign up for the newsletter :D. Make sure to check your email for confirmation.

There’s a couple other ways you can enter the Rafflecopter drawing below – newsletter signup, Facebook like, Twitter follow, and getting my blog emailed to you so you don’t have to pop over ;). There should be links for Facebook and Twitter in the Rafflecopter – but to sign up for the email, all you need to do is fill in that box up on the top right of this page. I promise [again!] to never be spammy :D. Because the newsletter is the fun new thing, signing up for it gets extra points :D.

So, take a couple minutes and sign up? I’d appreciate it – and you could win! What’s better than that?!