Monday Musings, Volume 1

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So now I have three days of standardized[ish] posts ;).  Monday Musings is pretty much whatever occurs to me – News and Notes from the last week or whatever else comes to mind.

Novel Track update: I’m currently at 15402 for the month.  I hit 4000 plus a couple yesterday!  WOOHOO!

News and Notes:

ACFW Conference is in St. Louis next year! WOOHOO!  That increases significantly the odds that I’ll get to go!

Tomorrow, Julie Lessman’s first book A Passion Most Pure should be here!  Her second two are waiting at the library :).

Friday, I got WITSEC for research purposes.  I also got Erica Vetsch’s The Bartered Bride for fun and enjoyed it.  Look for the review sometime in the future.

Saturday, I got to go shopping and to Olive Garden with Penny.  WOOHOO!  Needed a girls’ night out – and we got free dessert because our dinner took forever to get to us :).

Okay – those were pretty random but I’ll plan better next time!