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#NaNoWriMo2017, Day 3 or Making Progress

YAY! I made progress yesterday! It’s always such a good feeling to see the word count rise! I think I’ll probably need to go back and add some stuff in the middle of what I already wrote – maybe even a whole chapter’s worth, but we’ll see.

In between three trips to school (drop off a kid with a project, pick up a kid with a project, pick up a kid after color guard), I finished a couple of partially written scenes and wrote a couple others. I’m loving the snark Katrín is bringing to the story. If anyone deserves to be snarky (and call King Benjamin Benji in front of the Queen Mother), it’s Katrín. 😉

Be sure to check out the main page of the website (or the left column of the blog) for the In Concert with the King tracker!

Today’s goals:
Hit 20K on ICWTK
5K total words

Yesterday: 4022
In Concert with the King total: 15313
NaNoWriMo Total: 6026
On track to finish NaNoWriMo (50K): 11/25

#NaNoWriMo2017, Day 2 or It’s a Start

Just a quick post while the kid is getting for school. Got some work done yesterday. Went to Chick-fil-A for a couple hours while the oldest worked. Read through what I have of In Concert with the King and made notes. Then wrote some when I got home. Finished two scenes that I’d started months ago then wrote a whole new scene.

But part of that scene is sort of flashback-y to when Benjamin stood up to Isaiah in Reclaiming Hearts and was copy/pasted so it feels a bit cheat-y to count them but some parts were rewritten because it was from Maggie’s point-of-view originally.

Hoping to get a few more scenes written today. We’ll see how it goes…


In Concert with the King
Day 1: 2004
Total: 11291

NaNoWriMo 2017
Day 1: 2004
Total: 2004

NaNoWriMo 2017: Day 1 or Plans Change

Sometimes plans change.

Mine did this summer when Grace to Stand just wasn’t working :(. I’m hoping to have it (or a different Grace book) out next summer still.

Cover for the eventual solo release. Maybe 😉

I’ve been working on Book 2 in CROWNS & COURTSHIPS, but had to put it on the backburner when a boxed set due date cropped up. That set, Out of the Blue Bouquet, releases November 7. I’m super excited about the story – A Kaerasti for Clari (I can’t make it do the ae as the same letter thing here…) – which will actually be labeled book 2 in the CROWNS & COURTSHIPS series, because it comes between Heart of a Prince and Prince Kensington and Anabelle’s story (and introduces Anabelle and gives a peek into a little bit of palace life in Eyjania).

So that makes Kensington/Anabelle book 3. And Princess Esther book 4.

And King Benjamin and Katrin (her name is supposed to have the little slanty line over the i) book 5.

Kensington & Anabelle


Some of you may remember when I talked about my cousins last year. They were displaced from Baton Rouge when the flooding hit. Allen has spent the last 14 months in and out of hospitals and other facilities. He’s spent less time at home than he has in one of them.

Because Allen has spina bifida. When the floods hit, he spent hours sitting in that nasty water and what was a manageable sore became infected.

And he’s been fighting that infection ever since.

During his most recent hospitalization, they were told his prognosis is very poor. But in the meantime, he’s living his life.

Me with Glenda & Allen in September

He’s visiting with friends. Going on helicopter rides. (Click the links for the two news stories done on him recently.)

And inspiring a character.

King Benjamin’s book will be dedicated to my cousin. One of the characters is inspired by the Wheelchair Preacher.

And because I want to get a copy of it to Allen as soon as I can, that’s the project I’m going to be working on right now. These characters have been after me to tell their story since at least spring and my trip to Toronto in May.

They’ll still be book 5, but I’m going to write as fast as my fingers can fly to get it finished and send Allen the first (likely unedited) copy.

Then it’s back to Kensington and Anabelle.

Sometimes, you know something is right even though it doesn’t make logical sense. WHY would I write book 5 before book 3 is finished?

King Benjamin & Katrin (but not their cover pic ;))

There’s no logical reason for it. My sales numbers, while not bad, could sure use a new release soon.

But I feel a complete peace about this. This is the right order to write these.

If you have a few extra dollars, Allen and Glenda could use your support. (For the record, Allen is my second cousin. Glenda is my first cousin once removed.)

Facebook keeps trying to get me to donate my birthday to a cause, but “Allen’s Life List” isn’t one of the options it gives me. If you’d like to contribute, please click here or in one of the links in the news stories.

Thank you for understand. And for being there when Kensington and Anabelle get their story. And Esther. And Benjamin and Katrin.

I appreciate you more than you know.

(It’s late and I’m tempted to wax poetic for a bit, but I think I’ll stop there ;). Tomorrow, it’s nose to the grindstone… :D)

2016, Day 313 or #NaNoWriMo2016 Day 9: Leavin’ on a Jet Plane – Help!



(Scroll to the bottom for details on a SALE!)

Okay – so that plane looks a little LOSTish and I have no desire to end up on a desert island with a smoke monster, a mysterious hatch, crazy Others, Benry, and Desmond.


Matt and I talked the other night and it looks like I’m going to two new conferences next year! YAY! They’re the StoryMaster’s conferences in Toronto (May) and Houston (June). Both look fantastic and I hope to learn a lot.

My issue is transportation.

Clearly, driving to Toronto is out. It’s about a 16 hour drive. I’d thought to buy tickets out of St. Louis, Kansas City, or Tulsa, because they have much bigger airports, and I have family in all three who could likely help with transportation to and from if needed.
But then I looked at tickets out of my local regional airport. I can get a round trip to Toronto (and Houston, which isn’t quite as far) for about $400. That’s not much more than flights out of those other cities and MUCH closer to home.

Both directions have one layover, but with the same airline (or regional counterparts). However, there is with one airline and back is with another. Even when I choose the same airline for both sides of the trip (which wouldn’t work out time wise), I get this note on


Your flight is a combination of two one-way fares, each subject to its own rules and restrictions.

When I click more details I get this:

If one of your flights is changed or canceled, it will not automatically alter the other flight. Changes to the other flight may incur a charge.

Question 1: does that mean the leg to Toronto is a one way fare and the way back is a separate one? Or that my flight to Chicago and from Chicago are two separate one way fares combined to make one longer trip and if my flight to Chicago is delayed and I miss my connection, I have to pay out the nose (probably) to get on another flight? How does that work?

When I looked at buying a one way ticket, that note disappeared and the prices were (ballpark) half of what the round trip was. So I’m guessing it’s that the two directions aren’t connected rather than the two legs on the way there or back, if that makes sense.

Does anyone know for sure? Is there any other potential issue? I mean, presumably, it just might affect the time of day for my flights as it appears there’s multiple flights at different times.

Question 2: I’m still six months out from these trips, but these prices astound me. Do I buy them now, or will they be cheaper later?

Keep in mind, I’ve flown exactly once since 1998… :p


All of the books in the Brides of Belles Montagnes series are on sale for .99!!!! If you’ve been waiting to pick them up, now is a GREAT time!

Hand-Me-Down Princess
Winning the Queen’s Heart
Protecting the Prince (long novella)
Prince from her Past


#NaNoWriMo2015: Day 1 or Too Many Clothes

Hey all! I haven’t been blogging regularly, shock I know. But I try to do two things every November – NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I’ve won NaNo lots. I’ve never won NaBloPoMo. See, the posts can’t be prewritten and scheduled. So sometimes, I get going in my day, writing along, or not writing because…life…and suddenly I’ve missed a day mid-month. So usually, I try to post after midnight so it counts for the next day.

But for the first time, I didn’t start NaNo at midnight. In fact, I was in bed by 1130 (which was really 1030 since we gained an hour). So this post comes at the END of day 1.

But I did get 2086 words in. I’m a bit conflicted, because I’m a NaNo purist. That means I think it should be 50K on a NEW manuscript. So this year, I’m “cheating” a bit and trying to finish Prince from her Past. I’m contemplating trying to write 1667 (the minimum to ‘win’) a day on a new project (a non-indie project, most likely) and then spend the rest of the day on Prince. We’ll see.

Speaking of NaNo…Winning the Queen’s Heart came out yesterday! It’s doing VERY well! And it was my NaNo novel a couple of years ago!

Okay. Now, I’m off to bed ;).

ETA: Forgot to add about the too many clothes :p. We went through dressers and closets in our room today. That took a while. Otherwise I would have started earlier. But I have fewer clothes now that I don’t wear anyway, so it’s all good ;).

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