2017, Day 341: This Happened

It started with a phone call Tuesday morning.

“I think my car is dead.”

And was confirmed later Tuesday with another phone call.

“Hey. This is Brent. (aka our mechanic) I’ve got news…”

Yep. Dead. 2004 Toyota Corolla with about 209,000 miles on it. It served its purpose for many years, but no longer.

So we needed something new. With four kids and running 87 different directions, we needed something new, fast.

Fortunately, this little beauty was waiting on us.

Matt went to a dealer about twenty miles away last night and worked out a deal on it. It’s fancy. In fact, it has heated seats, dual climate controls, multiple CD player, keyless start, backup camera in the rearview mirror, etc. WAY nicer than anything we’ve ever had before.

In fact, at just under 70,000 miles, we think it may be the lowest mileage vehicle we’ve ever owned.

That means my minivan (the one in the back) is now relegated to the driveway while the RAV4 goes in the garage. Because it’s far nicer and, let’s face it, most days it’s cold and gross enough to need to clean the windshield, I don’t go anywhere anyway. 😉

I did get some writing done last night after we got this all settled!

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  • Vicki Johnson

    Congratulations on your new car! Such a great with keyless and heated seats, etc etc. Remember mine like that. Kids loved it so with baby #2 I swapped my Toyota can with everything for their Highlander! They just bought a brand new Dianna because they loved the old one so much!

  • Rebecca M.

    Congratulations! I understand the feeling. My husband’s 2004 Subaru Outback had the transmission go out on it several months ago. The transmission was worth more than the car with 219,000 miles on it. Alas, we said goodbye to Subby and hello to a very nice Toyota Prius C. God is so good to provide.