2016, Day 7: or Done Reading PFHP!

Mr. Benny

Mr. Benny

ETA! AH!!!!! I completely forgot comments go to moderation the first time you comment! I just found a bunch and am headed back to them! AH!!!!!! (Yes, it’s been that long since I’ve had comments on my blog :p. I’ll pay better attention from now on! Promise!)

YAY! I finished the first full re-read of Prince from her Past and my other first reader (Ginger V.) was right – it’s not as bad as I thought ;). It does have some issues with story threads dropping or starting out of nowhere, but the overall story arc is pretty okay.

(Yes, I have two first readers. Emily N. gets everything as I write it. She then texts me her thoughts (usually – sometimes email). Ginger V. (one of three Gingers involved in my writing process ;)) generally gets the first draft as soon as it’s done and gives overall feedback having not seen any of it beforehand. The other two Gingers? Ginger L. and her hubs are good friends of ours and they let me write in their rec room pretty regularly. Ginger S. is my fantastic proofreader! I might, um, accidentally text the wrong one occasionally…)

Mr. Benny is my 5lb Shorkie. He’s also the template for the dog Jonathan finds on the opening pages of his story. This is him last night. Until he got sick last fall, he had no trouble eating from his bowl. Since he got sick, notsomuch :p. In fact, the top picture is his “Mom, the bowl is too scary – put the food on the floor” look. So I do. Then he got super brave and drank out of his water bowl without huddling next to me as I sit on the floor. A bit much? Probably. But this poor doggy was abused before he came to us (it took a year for him to be comfortable around my husband – even if no one else was around) and it’s not that hard to sit there. I read while I do it usually. We even bought new bowls! Because SNOOPY! 😀 Sometimes, he’ll eat or drink in their regular space. Maybe we’ll get back to it regularly soon…

So today…It’s been a tough week around here. I’m sure I’ll mention some of it sooner or later, but not all of it. Today was tough. Tomorrow will be tougher. Everyone’s fine, just life stuff. If we cross your mind, though, prayers would be appreciated. God knows.

Quote of the Day:

“You don’t have to shovel sunshine.” – my dad, circa 1980-2000 when we lived in Phoenix (but you don’t have to turn on the air conditioner to build a fire in your fireplace on Christmas Day)(This showed up in my memories feed on Facebook today because we’ve had snow on this date for several years.)

Today, I’m thankful for: my husband. He’s a rock star on so many levels. For real. And he takes such good care of me. I <3 him.

Today’s progress:

No writing done (though I may try to get a few words in before I actually go to bed)

Reading done:

Pages 70-161 of Prince from her Past and notes made (I print small with small margins and not double spaced – it’s probably 300-320 pages in reality at the moment).

Tomorrow’s goals:
*There’s gonna be a lot of life stuff tomorrow
*Maybe putting some of those edits into the computer
*Maybe a thousand or two words
*14yo’s first pep band experience so all of us at a high school basketball game or two