Weekly Goals Update, 1/8/12

So I may or may not update my goals every week – or even every month – but for now, here’s the first update…

1. Bible study – doing better. Have a plan to do the kids’ workbooks with them this week.

2. Blog 3xs a week – you’ll be happy to know that tomorrow is my last scheduled book review ;). I enjoyed all of the books and am so very happy to be caught up with them! Hope to have more fun stuff [not that book reviews aren’t fun, but you know what I mean!]

3. Not much I can do about conference etc. just yet…

4. Date nights… ditto… though I did send out an email to see if I can get the kids taken care of the weekend after our anniversary and did some hotel research etc.

5. Lose weight – down about 2-2.5lbs this week :D. This is especially good since I’ve been too sick to do much of anything exercise wise…

6. Exercise – see 5.

7. Developed house cleaning routines. Will have to see how they actually work…

8. Family fun stuff – have been doing a lot of that this week :).

9. Finish rough drafts of 4 MSs. Finished one this week! Finding Mr. Write’s rough draft is officially DONE! Since then, I’ve been working mostly on Baby Burbs. This week I’ve written a total of 19766 words, about 6260 on Finding Mr. Write and 13447 on Baby Burbs. The other 59 words were on Rolemodel Romeo, book 2 – after SS, before BB – but my heart wasn’t in it and since I’m not under contract, I can write what I want ;). I wanted to write Baby Burbs. So Baby Burbs it is – at least until it’s time to start editing Finding Mr. Write.

10. Finished MSs. Not yet…

11. Enter contests – none to enter this week, but thinking about Genesis and what I need to do to get ready.

12. Read several books this week :). Hence the reviews!

13. No agents/editors researched or queried.

14. Read some of the influencer books, but the office is still just as big a mess as it was :).

15. Always remember why – yep. I sure do! <3 my kiddos. Even when they’re being snotty :D.


I won’t always do such a complete run down but there it is :). I’m happy with my accomplishments this week – how about you?