Weekend Update and Looking Ahead, Week 2

Some of this week’s goals I did well on, some not so much…  Let’s take a look…

Goals for Week 1 [Jan. 2-8]:

1.     Do Bible Study at least twice – Yeah, not so much.
2.    Blog – including at least one Julie review – Blogged, but not the Julie review
3.    Lose 2 lbs – Yeah, not so much.
4.    Exercise at least 2 days – Yeah, not so much.
5.    Finish edits on Unbreak Her Heart – YAY!!!! Got this one done!!!!
6.    Email to editor who requested it – YAY!!!! Got it emailed out!
7.    Finish Bliss, read Mary Connealy’s next one – Did better on this one ;).  Finished reading Bliss and have just about finished off Mary [see her?  Over there.  She’s the one wheezing ;).]  Seriously, I have one book left and it’s her new one.  My sister hasn’t finished it yet, so I may have to swing by WalMart on my way to the doc in the morning so I can read it in the waiting room.

Things done that weren’t on the list:

1.      Hang out with a really cool 3yo – Thursday during ‘naptime’ I was Fiona, he was Shrek [dressed as Mr. Incredible] and we were riding the Polar Express on our way to the North Pole.  We had to stop to pick up Handy Manny and the tools as well as Mickey, Minnie and a handy helper to help with repairs.  But then the train ran out of wood and we had to stop at the North Pole Walmart for more…
2.      Doc appointment I’d forgotten about.  Fun.
3.      Made cookies to take to my doc/nurse and our PNP who works in the same building [and ended up having a doc appointment at the same time so I saw her there…]

Goals for Week 2 [Jan. 9-15]:

1.      Do Bible Study at least twice
2.      Blog – including those Julie reviews
3.      Work on Pentalk blog
4.      Exercise at least 2 days
5.      Doc appointment tomorrow
6.      15,000 words for NovelTrack
7.      Read at least 2 books
8.      Lose 2 lbs
9.      Get ready for next semester [first day of class is 1/18]
10.  Clean the house

There you have it.  We’ll see how this week goes…