Update on Random Stuff

I’ve been planning a fun ‘Look what I saw at the store and jumped in my cart’ post but… well… there’s been a bunch of other stuff going on…

I am down to about 4 books in my To Review/Influence pile. It hasn’t been that low in MONTHS. Maybe I need to sign up for some more ;). Of course, I have plenty of “as soon as I get done with books I HAVE to read, I’m going to read these” books to read so I’m sure I’ll stay busy. Plus I need to write.

BUT… I’ve been on some fairly strong drugs the last few days. And narcotics aren’t conducive to writing. At least not coherently [after you read this you can tell me… because I’m on some right now ;)].

A couple weeks ago, I had a biopsy done on this spot on my nose. A few days later, the nurse called and told me it’s a basal cell carcinoma. Skin cancer. But it’s like the least bad kind of cancer ever. They scheduled me for a Mohs procedure which has a cure rate of about 99%. We told the kids it was an infection because of all the connotations that go along with the word ‘cancer’ – they know my mom died of cancer, but for most of the kids, they wouldn’t understand the difference between her very, very bad kind of stomach cancer and my very not bad kind of skin cancer.

It did hit me a bit extra hard because my oldest daughter is, literally, about a week from the exact same age I was when my mom died. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her.

So, last Friday, they did the Mohs. And they got all the bad stuff but when the doc went to stitch up my nose, he decided it was going to be way too hard to do, especially just using local anesthesia. He sent us to a plastic surgeon who is going to fix it using general anesthesia on Wednesday morning [very, very early in the morning]. Until then, I have a hole in my nose – roughly the size of a nickel. Maybe a bit bigger.

And I have good drugs. Because it hurts having a hole in your nose.

It also makes it hard to concentrate on writing – at least writing anything coherent. But it also gave me a much needed obstacle for my hero and heroine in Finding Mr. Write to go through together. You know. Before I rip them apart ;).

Because that’s what we writers do :D.

So now, I’m going to sit here in the living room, under my comfy flannel sheet, with my hubby and kids, and watch The Voice. Because we love it. And because I’m really not doing much but chillin’ on the couch these days anyway ;).

What about you? What’re you up to?

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  • Carol, I’m so sorry to hear about your skin cancer and the delay in getting the site closed up. I hope all goes well during the wait and with the upcoming surgery. Cyber hugs, my friend.