Those Pesky Goals

Remember those goals I set at the end of last year? Yeah, doing okay on some of those. Not so well on others.

For instance, I have read NO craft books yet this year. However, I don’t have a list of fiction books I’ve read. It’s likely dozens though. At least 2-3 dozen. And I just started a new one ;).

I am ready to query UNBREAK HER HEART. That’s my goal for this year. I did enter two entries in Genesis. I’m hoping [praying really] to finish a rough draft of Nick and Becca’s PRAYERS ANSWERED during Novel Track this month. I wrote like 80 some words yesterday. Not much, but better than the three days prior ;).

I have finished UHH, the final draft [unless I have some kind of flash of insight]. I have also finished the rough draft of the sequel. So that’s one of the five I want to finish :). I’ve also started two others. One of those I can’t finish until after ACFW because I’ve never been to a conference of that type and that’s what it’s based on. SUBURBAN STRAIGHTJACKET is fun =D. It’s added to the goal, probably instead of one of the others.

I’ve sort of forgotten where this was going. Just found out Dad’s in the hospital. He’s okay. Think they just need to watch him and adjust his meds and he’ll be fine. Think we’re going to go visit him tomorrow. But it’s thrown me off track. So in the meantime, I’m going to go outside with the kids :). I’ll get back to these sometime soon…


  • Thinking of you and your Dad—just prayed for his medical situation. Hope he gets well soon. You never lose by putting your family first like you’ve done.

  • Thanks, Christine :). Unless something changes [like being released early tomorrow which is a possibility], sis and I are going tomorrow to see him. Prayers for traveling mercies would be appreciated as well :).