Seeker Sightings, Upcoming Book Reviews and General Other Stuff…

YAY!!!! This is a good week for books!!

Missy Tippens and Ruth Logan Herne [Ruthy, both of Seekerville fame] have new books out.  They were supposed to be in stores last week. Went to FOUR Wal-marts and none had them but guess what I found today?!?!?! I am so excited =D.

Not sure how they jumped in the cart… The three-year-old was excited too. See the smile?

And the chocolate? Oh, that’s because I sent in two Frasier entries today. EEP! That calls for lots of chocolate [right, Casey?] and DiGornio’s pizza for lunch.*

So here’s where I’m going to be for the rest of the afternoon:

Note the pile of books to review [Yep – Julie Lessman is STILL in the stack :p. I’m so behind! I still say ‘just trust me; read them!!!!’] and the pile of books to be read. Er, plus one movie to watch. It came from the UPS guy yesterday along with Writing Fiction for Dummies and Richard Mabry, MD‘s new release, Diagnosis Death. That’s Friday night.

The three-year-old didn’t stay… He’s asleep in his room ;).

ACFW’s Novel Track is next month. My goal is 50K. I want to finish PRAYERS ANSWERED [previously known as ‘Nick and Debbie’ but Debbie’s name has been changed about fourteen times and is now Becca]. Any word count left goes towards book 3 in the UNBREAK HER HEART series. Both UHH and PA are entered in ACFW’s Genesis Contest and, as of this morning, MBT’s Frasier. Oy. Genesis semi-finalists are supposed to be announced next week…

Something else cool? I have 1000 hits on the blog =D. I know that may not seem like much, but given how little promoting I’ve done ;). WOOHOO!

Okay – back to work… Or maybe hang out with one of the Men of Allegany County

*Not really. Did have to stop by and drop snack stuff off for the kids. But the pizza was good ;).


  • Oooh! I see Tangled in that pile too! I LOVED that movie. Need to get my own copy now. 🙂

    • Thank you Amazon!! It got here yesterday. Dawn Treader will be here next week ;).

      Girls don’t know we have it. Christopher saw it though and threw himself on my bed throwing a fit when I put it away because he wanted to watch ‘Punzle!!!’

  • Missy Tippens

    What a fun post!! Since we’ve been talking about voice on the Seekerville blog today, I have to say, Carol, you don’t have to look far to find your voice. Just read your own blog? Humor. You have to do humor. 🙂

    Thanks for buying–I mean letting our books jump in your cart! Are you sure three-year-old didn’t do it?? Is he a future romantic guy?? 😉

  • Missy Tippens

    That question mark was supposed to be an exclamation mark! LOL

    Just read your own blog!

    There, Now I feel better. Can’t stand to leave a typo. 🙂

  • LOL! I’m totally the same way about typos, Missy!

    Humor… Yeah.

    That’s next on my list. Once I finish the romantic suspense-y thing…

    I want to do fun humor-y stuff, but I’ve never been able to do it for a novel length type thing. I’ve done some short-ish story type stuff, but never been able to sustain it. Though, if I didn’t want to be Julie Lessman when I grow up, I’d like to be Mary Connealy. But modern. And no cowboys. Or at least no cows. Suburban cowboys maybe.

    I actually do have an idea. I even have a cover in my head. Just dunno if I could pull it off… I have no plot, no character names, no anything but a cover and a title.

    But, hey! I’m a pantser… I’ll make it up as I go along =D.

  • Missy Tippens

    You could do humor in the suspense novels. Have quirky characters that say funny things. Maybe not while being pursued by the bad guy. Then again, maybe so! 🙂

  • Hehe. Like… Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapons. Or!

    Even better!

    Tony DiNozzo!

    Because Gibbs doesn’t do funny. But Tony does. The eps where he’s been captured and then tells the bad guys what’s gonna happen [the ep where he and Ziva go under cover as hitmen and where they rescue Ziva] – LOVE THEM =D.

    Hmmm… I may have to break those DVDs out…

  • Carol, Love your humor.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Aren’t Seekers the BESTEST!!!????

  • Aw thanks KC!

    And yes. They are. Aren’t they? Ruthy has even managed to wiggle her way into my new WIP. Sort of. In a way. [see today’s blog for that].

    Plus. On Seekerville. You win stuff. I <3 winning stuff.