Seeker Sightings, 3/4/11

Had two Seeker sightings this week. Well, one Seeker sighting and one ‘reminds me of a Seeker’ sighting that I thought was too fun not to share ;). The Seekers, of course, are the wonderful ladies of Seekerville.

Janet Dean’s new release Wanted: A Family at Walmart today!!! Dunno how it jumped into my cart… =D






Julie Lessman’s first trilogy was the Daughter’s of Boston series. When I met her in late January, she handed out Boston Baked Beans. While at Sam’s Club the other day, what did the guy in front of me have? A Sam’s sized bag of Boston Baked Beans. Of course, I had to take a picture ;). Too fun.

Look for Flash Fiction Friday to show back up this afternoon! That’s the plan! We’ll see how it goes… =D