Review: The Art of Romance by Kaye Dacus

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Here’s my review of The Art of Romance by Kaye Dacus.

From the back cover:

Sassy Evans and Perty Bradley are determined to get their older grandchildren married off, when twenty-eight-year-old Dylan comes home after being fired from his teaching position because of the betrayal of his ex-girlfriend.  Perty knows her grandson has more important issues to deal with first.

Sassy understand her friend’s reservations about timing, but she also sees so many ways in which Dylan would be the perfect match for her thirty-four-year-old granddaughter Caylor.  With his record of acclaimed paintings and Caylor’s bestselling novels, they could complement each other’s talents and provide each other support and encouragement.  And there’s no denying the spark of attraction between the English professor with the untamed red hair and the painter with the unusual tattoos.

But neither grandmother realizes the  secrets both Caylor and Dylan are keeping from each other.  Will pain and embarrassment from the past keep Caylor and Dylan apart, or will they develop the courage to be truthful with each other and discover the true art of romance?

Kaye has a knack for developing quirky, loveable characters. This is no exception. The grandmothers are ones we’d all wish to have [minus the matchmaking perhaps].  I love that Caylor is an author. I love that Dylan is a painter. Two artists will understand each other in ways most others won’t.

I love Caylor as a real person – insecurities and all. She is good at what she does and is confident in who she is – to a point. Everyone has that point. The areas where they feel confident and competent and other areas where they feel insecure and incapable.

The read is lighthearted and fun and will leave you smiling long after you finish it.

This is the second book in the series [I read the first one, Love Remains, after I read this one], but I had no trouble picking up on what I needed to know. Book 3, Turnabout’s Fair Play, comes out in November. I’ll be picking it up.

9 out of 10 stars

*Thanks to the author and publisher for a free review copy*