Review: In the Shadow of Jezebel by Mesu Andrews

In a kingdom controlled by cruel and manipulative women, one princess will discover the power of truth and love.

Trained as a priestess in the temple of Baal, Princess Jehosheba strives to please the demanding Queen Athaliah, daughter of Jezebel. But when a mysterious letter from the dead prophet Elijah predicts doom for the royal household, Jehosheba realizes that the dark arts she practices reach far beyond the realm of earthly governments.

Forced to marry Yahweh’s high priest in order to further Athaliah and Jezebel’s power plays, Jehosheba enters the unfamiliar world of Yahweh’s Temple. Can her new husband show her the truth and love she craves? And can Jehosheba overcome her fear and save the family–and the nation–she loves?



(My note: This was supposed to have posted weeks ago the day after my last blog. I was so sick and didn’t notice that it never posted :(. My most sincere apologies to Mesu and Revell.)

I have sort of mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed it, but not as much as I have some of Ms. Andrew’s other offerings and not as much as I have some of the other Biblical fiction I’ve read in recent years.

Well researched and well written, Ms. Andrews delves into life during the reign of Jezebel’s sons in both Israel and Judah. She goes behind the curtain, literally, in the Temple, showing us the life of the high priest and his second. She also shows us life in the palaces. The intrigue, the danger, the desperation to hold onto power [Machiavelli was right – even if he hadn’t lived yet].

The characters were well-rounded and well developed. But for whatever reason, I had difficulty connecting with them. :/ It may well have been my own issues – such as the significant amount of time stuck indoors with disrupted schedules due to our winter mess or the amount of sickness winding its way through my family more times than I care to admit – but I just never really brought myself to care all that much :(. I did like how Jehoiada took care of  Jehosheba after the abuse she endured at the hands of pretty much everyone in her life, especially the women. I hate saying that as I love Ms. Andrew’s books in general, but for me, this one just wasn’t quite as good.

Overall rating: 6.5 out of 10 stars

Thanks to the publisher for a copy in exchange for my honest review.


  • Nevertheless, your review was good enough! I think I’d like to read it.

    • carolmoncado

      I’m so glad! I only offer to review books I expect to like and I hate it when I don’t – especially when I’ve thoroughly enjoyed other books by the same author. I do hope you enjoy it!