Query Day?

Current Facebook Status: Maggie has a horrible headache. Never seen one of my kids look so headache-y miserable :(. Sending her to bed at 7 in hopes that extra sleep will help. [Actually from last night]
Playing in the Background: Imagination Movers. Again.
NovelTrack progress: 13231/50000

Making progress on SUBURBAN STRAIGHTJACKET, though this first draft isn’t being nearly as amusing as I’d like. /sigh/ But I’m still making progress. There may even be a /gasp/ kiss shortly! A nice steamy one perhaps. I’m not really sure yet. I’m too much of a pantser to know this far ahead. And by ‘this far ahead’ I mean like a page ;).

Dad went home from the hospital Monday and is going to be fine as long as he follows doctor’s orders [you know, diet and exercise].

So… Today… Goal was to send out queries by today. Trip to see Dad Monday threw that off a bit, but today’s still the day.

And I’m petrified.

I know agents are just people and they want to find fresh, new talent. But UNBREAK HER HEART is the novel I’ve been working on for 18 months. The sequel is the story I’ve wanted to write for at least six years. Having it rejected is scary. The only other rough draft I have completed is the sequel. The next closest to done is UNANSWERED PRAYERS. And I don’t know that it’ll ever get done because I just don’t know if I can pull off the suspense.

So what if everyone rejectes UHH? Am I just done? It’s scary.

What if I’m a one-hit wonder who never gets up to bat? [Sorry, baseball themed Imagination Movers is on.]


Later today I’m gonna revamp my query letter. Again. And then send it out on a wing and a prayer. And pray that I can accept the rejection when it comes – or doesn’t come, because so many agents and editors just say ‘if you haven’t heard from us in 60 days, we’re not interested’.

Here goes nothin…


  • You’re amazing and inspiring. I’m such a chicken I can’t even sit down and write my first novel. You’ve finished two, entered two in a contest, and are querying one.

    It’s scary to put your “baby” out there, but you’re doing it. I, for one, am super proud of you.

  • Kudos on taking that big step and putting your work out there. I hope you meet with favorable responses.

  • Jan

    I like that you’re sending it out “on a wing and a prayer” that way regardless of the outcome, you know God is in it.