Potentially Lovely, Perpetually Human

Potentially Lovely, Perpetually Human is a new blog by one of my oldest friends. Not OLD, of course, because that would be to admit that *I’m* old, but one of the few people in this world I’ve known over 30 years. We won’t say how many years over 30 that is ;).

When we moved to Phoenix right before I started first grade, I knew I’d be going to a Christian school. Amy, along with Mark and Jon, had gone to the same school in Kindergarten and the four of us would graduate high school together twelve years later. We all met oodles of other friends along the way, and, of course, a gazillion more since. But thanks to the advent of Facebook, I’ve come back in touch with Amy over the last several years [and Jon’s wife, another friend of ours; Mark, to my knowledge, is not on Facebook].


That’s me and Amy about 15 years ago when my hubby and I had a reception in Phoenix after getting married in Missouri. Isn’t she lovely?

Amy started blogging this week and her’s is a story I’d love for you to follow. She doesn’t have it set up to follow by email [yet? I don’t think…], but put this blog on your daily “websites to visit” list.

Her first three posts are:

It’s Time wherein she outlines her goals with the blog – and for sharing their journey.

The Story Begins is Amy and Jeremy’s love story in a nutshell [I remember the two of them when they first started dating!]

Our First Addition chronicles their early married life, up until their firstborn joined them.

Doing a whole blog about a friend of mine and her new blog… well, that should tell you how highly I recommend it. Not that I’ve done a ton of blogging lately [oy – the book reviews I’ve got coming! Maybe that’s what I should do with the rest of my day… there’s a doozy coming up…], but I can’t recommend highly enough that you check out Amy, Jeremy, and their story.

And Amy, if you see this, darlin’, I’m so incredibly proud of you and Can. Not. Wait. for a flyby in June! I’m praying our plans don’t change because I can’t wait to hug your neck. Love you to pieces!