Pentalk Community Blog

Yeah. I’ve been AFK. [That’s away from keyboard for my non-acronym knowing friends.]

You know it. I know it. Move on… 😉

Part of what I’ve been doing is meeting JULIE LESSMAN!!!!! You know – the gal I wanna be when I grow up! More on that tomorrow =D.

I’ve also been working on the new Pentalk Community Blog. Yours truly is the editor-in-chief! Doesn’t that make me sound all important? I’m working my way through, figuring it out…

But stop on by. There’s cake. And coffee. I won’t drink any so there’s plenty for the rest of you.

Tomorrow… an update on my goals to date and other stuff… Monday Meanderings – or whatever it’s called ;). Musings. That’s it =D.

Sleep well. I will.