#NaNoWriMo2018, Day 2 or Plans Change – Go With It

My phone rang this morning while I was sleeping, but I missed answering it (it was almost 9am… but I wrote until like 2am…)

I asked Siri to call the person back and my hubby said something about two feet away from me.

Made me jump.

I forgot he was taking the day off today ;).

So instead of writing all day, we went to Bass Pro Shops (the original one), discovered they don’t carry the coat I want in the right size (I wasn’t sure I was going to get it – and no online searches have showed it on sale anyway), went to lunch, then home.

Went to pick up Kid #2. Took Jett with me. He loves to “go bye-bye” and spins in circles when you ask him (part of where he got his name from). When we get there, he stands and watches for any of his kids (band kids stop and say hi to him – and me – all the time) to walk by. Pretty sure he’s sniffing their lunch leftovers as they walk by, too.

I’ve been hanging out with my family since, but everyone’s headed out to evening plans so I’m planning to write.

Yesterday’s Stats:

The Spare and the Heir
Yesterday: 3304
Total: 21315

NaNoWriMo 2018
Yesterday: 3304
Total: 4344

Words Per Day Needed: 1575
Anticipated Completion: 11/24