#NaNoWriMo2017, Day 16 or So Close!!!


I had a GREAT day yesterday, though my official NaNo numbers don’t show just how great, because I did delete those 530 words (or at least moved the file to an area that doesn’t get counted since I’m not using it as part of the manuscript itself… but now that I think about it… It might work as the lead in to the later stuff I wrote last night… Hmm… that would be kind of nice… because they’re all dressed up and everything already…)

I also got all of the above things in the mail/via UPS yesterday!! Oh the hymns! I love the hymns!

Last night, I skipped ahead. I have 50K+ written from the beginning forward (minus one section – I started it yesterday, thought it was going to be two scenes but think it’s going to be four instead, we’ll see). I wrote all the way ahead to a certain point where I’m not sure what happens next, but I knew what happened from another point to the end.

So I jumped to that point. I’d guessed from the beginning of what I knew to “the end” would be 10-12K but then began wondering if it would be more.

Yeah. It’s more.

I’m at 4 scenes so far for what I had anticipated would be 4-5 scenes and it’s going to to be more like 7-8 probably. But they say confession is good for the soul and Benjamin’s finding that out ;).

So yay!

And I only need 3510 words to win NaNo! That should be easy peasy to do! WOOHOO! I knew the circle wouldn’t be green on the book stats yesterday because that was what I needed to win NaNo. But it will be today!

Yesterday’s Stats:

In Concert With the King
Yesterday: 5005 (but really was 5535 because I deleted 530)
Total: 55777

NaNoWriMo 2017
Yesterday: 5005
Total: 46490
Anticipated Completion Date (50K words): November 17 (but will really be today!)


  • Arly Watson

    I’m really looking forward to this book…

    • Carol

      I am too! I wish it was the next release but I’m also excited to get back to Anabelle and Kensington now too ;). And then the book that comes in between (that one is still kind of top secret ;))