NaNoWriMo: Day 6 or “I Voted. Did You?”

Yep. Picked the kids up at 330. Voted about 345. We live in a small-to-medium sized town [just under 15K]. A few years ago we annexed a tiny town [a few hundred] that retained it’s own mailing address/dot on the map. That’s where we vote. In that tiny town. At a fire station in the middle of nowhere.

There’s MAYBE 20 parking spots. Probably more like 15. [Okay. I Google Mapped it. There’s 21 plus 2 handicapped.]

I’ve NEVER EVER had to park in the ‘far’ side of the lot [12 spots right in front of the stations and the rest a bit further away]. But today I did. They had blocked off the area in front of the fire doors [never seen that before either].

Hubby left my house about 5:55 this morning since he HAS to vote before class. He was number 20 or so at 615am. I was number 879 at 345ish this afternoon. My next door neighbors voted about 30 minutes later and were 961/2.

In 2008, there were 1129 voters in my precinct [68% of registered voters].
In 2010, there were 804 voters in my precinct [45% of registered voters].

So higher numbers this round it seems, though our population has grown some too.


Yesterday, I ended up with 3564 words. Wrote some this afternoon while waiting to pick kids up from school. A few hundred. Hope to get some more in tonight while watching election results.

Day 5: 3564
Total: 13021

Oh. And I started a fire in my oven. Bought frozen pizzas for tonight. And the cheese one [which my kids prefer] slid off the thing into the bottom of the oven where it caught fire. Immediately turned off the oven which helped then managed to dig it out and salvage half of it… :p