NaNoWriMo: Day 16 or “Memories…”

Today I gave a test for a friend. It went fine. But I got to see some of the secretaries I never see since I started teaching out at the other campus a couple years ago. That was super nice.

Then I went to give the test.

The last time I was in this room… my water broke ;).

Seven and a half years ago, my precious Emily arrived. But yes. I was teaching and in the middle of class… my water broke. I went to get the hubs [who was teaching around the corner] and off we went to the hospital. That afternoon, my 6lb 4oz bundle of energy arrived.

I Can. Not. imagine life without her.

I love that girl!

Yesterday, was a horridly pitiful writing day.

Day 15: 34 words
Total: 23377 words

Today’s already been better. Still hoping for more. We’ll see how it goes… 😀