NaNoWriMo: Day 15 or “ONE THOUSAND TWEETS!!!!”

Yep. This post, when it posts, will be my 1000th Tweet. Interesting. But kind of sad too because in recent months [read: 6 months or more] all I’ve done on Twitter is feed my blog into it. Very sad.

But still cool that this will be Tweet 1000.

So yesterday got some words. Not enough. Today’s word count is patheticness so far. Hope to get a few in but doubt I’ll get much. Tonight my girls had their concert. Lots of fun. But busy day. Plus lots of First Impressions stuff to do.

Tomorrow I was supposed to be gone all day but that got canceled. Still giving a test for a friend, but most of the day is free. So maybe a big day. I hope.

Day 14: 401
Total: 23343

Here’s to getting halfway done tonight or tomorrow!

Tweet away :D!