NaNoWriMo: Day 14 or “Writers Unite!”

Actually, just getting together with two of my local writer buds ;). But I love ’em. And they rock. Plus they went through my First Impressions entry with me. I need to enter it tonight since tomorrow will be sooooooo busy and deadline is 5CT.

We cut a couple words. Which saved a line. And I got to add another one which is a so much better cliffhanger. The other one wasn’t bad. This one is better. Much better.

Plus they helped me fix my blurb – which was still 8 words too long and is now 2 words short ;).

Then Margie and I got to have lunch at Sam’s during a busy day. Bank. Glasses place. Home to get the envelopes the 11yo forgot. Drop 11yo off at school. Talk to vice principal for a moment. Grocery shopping. Put most of groceries away. McD’s drive thru for breakfast. B/N by 945. Margie and Cindy until 12. Lunch with Margie. Sam’s shopping. Put that stuff away. Crash for about 15 minutes before amazing NovelSista Jessica called. Phone with her for 45 minutes until kids got home.

And well evenings are always busy. Tonight was dinner and last night’s The Voice results show. Kids are in bed. Did some critiquing for Joanna’s First Impressions entry. Sent it back and here I am while she goes through it and I see if I can help anymore if she needs it.

Tiny bit yesterday. More already today. And hitting the word count now. I hope. Because the rest of this week is insane.

Day 13: 111
Total: 22942

Plus I ordered a book I’ve been looking forward to for review purposes.

Back to work. Again ;).