NaNoWriMo: Day 12 or “Firefly!”

I don’t know how I missed Firefly the first time around [or second or third or 15th]. But yesterday was the 10th anniversary Firefly marathon with the movie Serenity playing on another channel and then a reunion special. There were something like 13 or 14 eps plus the movie and an hour special. I watched a couple last night. Most of the rest today and am currently on the next to last one.

I haven’t gotten a ton done but I don’t think Firefly had much to do with that. More like plot-y type stuff. But I think I got it worked out.

Day 12: 528
Total: 21568

I’ve more than doubled that today – and likely still have a bit more before I go to bed :).

Tomorrow will be even better. I hope. But I’m giving a test which means lots of grading [since assignments are due the same day]. This weekend though… Saturday is a LONG write-in so I’d LOVE to be far enough along to finish that day.

But now – a bit more writing to do… 🙂

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