NaNoWriMo: Day 11 or “First Impressions Matter”

So yesterday I wrote a grand total of 29 words.

I was hoping for a huge day but it’s not gonna happen.

Instead, I ended up sleeping in a bit, having child related drama that comes from a rainy day cooped up inside without enough sleep.

And working on First Impressions Entries. I’m a category coordinator and spent today going through all the entries received thus far and making sure they meet guidelines, etc. It would have gone faster if my computer hadn’t stopped cooperating at one point ;).

But I’m nearly through the ones I have and there are very few issues of any significance, but it takes time. By the time I’m done, it’ll be about time for the kids to head to bed. Then maybe I’ll get some writing in…

On the upside, I *think* I’ve [mostly] addressed the concerns from yesterday with my plot so full speed ahead?

Which reminds me… Firefly marathon today ;). Recorded so… Firefly marathon tomorrow :D.