NaNoWriMo: Day 10 or “Date Night, Take 2”

Yesterday was so-so for writing.

I’m not sure what my actual “before bed” total was, but my official My Book Therapy WriMo count was 1687 for 20332. But my manuscript is at 21011 so… Uh… math… right.

Think that’s 2366 for yesterday…

Today is a big fat goose egg.

Had another plot thing rear it’s ugly head today. Still working through that one. Plus I did a bunch of stuff for ACFW’s First Impressions Contest. I’m a category coordinator and entries are coming in like crazy.

I need to get my entry/ies in this week :p.

But tonight, hubby took me out for my official birthday dinner and my best friend and her hubby joined us. We were at Olive Garden for about 90 minutes or so. Yum. Plus they have the “today and tomorrow” thing so for like a dollar more I got leftovers for the week :). AND since we were there for my birthday, I got this really yummy cake.

Then we went to Barnes and Noble [shares a parking lot] for another 90 minutes or so. Found a couple of books I’ll likely pick up for research purposes but didn’t actually buy anything.

Now… more First Impressions stuff and then maybe a bit of writing…