NaNoWriMo: Day 1 or “The Insanity Begins”

For the next week or so, I’m planning two blog posts a day – one book review/COTT [those are already scheduled through next Friday] and then a NaNoWriMo update [because I’m also doing NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month – and you can’t count prescheduled blogs for that]. I have one other book review scheduled for the end of the month as well.

So NaNo…

I’ve had a story in mind for about two months that I planned to write for NaNo. But now I have two others jumping at me. /sigh/

One is something completely different and I won’t start it today at all.

But the other is book 2 [at least in my head] of the same series. There’s three siblings, you see, and the oldest sister was supposed to get book 1 and I was supposed to write it this month. But the middle child, a brother, was supposed to have book 2 and is demanding his story be written now. But so is his sister from book 1. /sigh/

The good thing is it would be easy to make either one of them book 1 and the other book 2. The only thing dependent on book 1 would be the mentions etc of the relationship status of the characters from the first book.

So I guess I’ll just see which way I end up going when I sit down an hour or so from now. See what words flow out of the fingertips.


I’m setting a SUPER AMBITIOUS goal for myself [and will be adjusting the counters appropriately in a minute].


This month.

Finish one manuscript [the rough draft, geared toward Love Inspired which has a word count of 55-60K so a 50K rough draft is about right for me] and start another [which one, TBD]. And finish that rough draft.

Is it doable? Yes. Is it insane? Also yes. Will it happen? We’ll see… 😉

Will they both need TONS of editing? Absolutely. But they would have anyway :D.