NaNoWriMo 2018, Day 1 or It’s a Start

That’s Jett. We’ve had him 2 years and 2 days :). He was mad at me this morning for making him go outside to do his business ;). It was cold and more than drizzly but less than rainy. He hates cold and rain.

Ah well.

I’m a NaNo Purist. That means I think real NaNo is starting a new project on November 1 (often at midnight) and writing 50K words on it.

This year?



I’m in the middle of The Spare and the Heir (releasing December 21) and it HAS to get finished.



It’s releasing December 21…

And later this month – 16 days – I’m headed to NYC with my oldest daughter and a friend of mine. My daughter gets to march in Macy’s Great American Marching Band and I can’t send her across the country all by herself!

Of course not!

What does that mean for TSATH? It HAS to be done before I leave. In fact, I probably need to take a paper copy with me to edit while I’m there, though I doubt I’ll make it through, but we’ll have some down time.


Last night, I was writing. I started a new scene right at midnight so I counted those words toward NaNo. I’ve already done some writing today, but also had lunch/brainstormed with a friend and did some mathy/businessy stuff. Plus a kid to the doc and hanging out with the fam. Now back to work.

(“Yesterday” is any time before I go to bed. So “today” won’t actually end until sometime early tomorrow morning.)

I didn’t say it was a great start… but it’s  a start!

Yesterday’s Stats:

The Spare and the Heir
Yesterday: 1653
Total: 18011

NaNoWriMo 2018
Yesterday: 1040
Total: 1040

Words Per Day Needed: 1632
Anticipated Completion: 12/19


  • D Wallace

    I know it is not easy, but I, for one, truly appreciate your work. I love reading your books. Hugs and encouragement❣️

    • Carol

      Thank you! I am so loving this story, but it’s coming along slower than I’d like. But I shall persevere! And overcome!

  • Arly Watson

    I also thank you! I am really selfish, I love your work and greatly anticipate your next book. Please take care of yourself and fam first….I can wait a few days😬

  • Cindy Anderson

    Count me on your bandwagon. I love your books. Got started accidentally earlier this year and have read them all. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Diane Dove

    Devoured your last release and am now looking forward to my Christmas present which will arrive just in time! Love the royalty aspect of your books, but you always come up with interesting stories as well. So entertaining and informative!

    • Carol

      That’s part of the reason it releases when it does ;). Generally, I can set the date for 90 days out which would have been about Jan 1, but decided a couple days before Christmas would be better :D.

      So glad you’re enjoying them!

  • Cindy Warner

    I also love your work! Enjoy your trip to NYC! My daughter represented our city in the Macy’s Parade 22 years ago. One of her fondest memories!

    • Carol

      How fun! I’m hoping to blog from there too, but… /fingers crossed/. I’ll be posting on my personal Facebook page (you can “follow” there) and in the Serenity Landing Book Club! We went a few months ago and I’m excited to go back but in a slightly less structured format :).

  • Susan

    I’m praying for you and your family, for health and safety (and a good time on the trip,) and that God gives you the words to write.

  • Gail

    Is this book not going to be coming out in paperback? It’s been seven months since it came out in kindle form. And what about book 7 in the series; will there be a paperback version?