NaNoWriMo 2013: Day 11 or Happy Veterans’ Day

Huge, giant shout out to all the members of our military – past and present.

Beyond my thanks, you have my undying gratitude.

Since my sister took the kids last night, we got to sleep in this morning. We overslept for church but had breakfast together. After that, I worked on reading through the other MS again. I finished that and went to get my hair done. I adore my hair gal but we haven’t really had a chance to chat in a while, so I stayed longer than necessary.

Over breakfast, hubs suggested I go to Panera this afternoon to try to get this sucker done. I got a chunk of it. I have about 98 pages to go [transferring notes to the computer, but most of them are things like Oxford commas and turning “the” into “then” like it should have been all along]. I did write about 200 words in one scene and a few several sentence sections here and there. I have one scene to write tomorrow, maybe 600-1000 words. I dashed off a few sentences just now, so I could say I worked on NaNo some today…

A sick kiddo means I’ll be home all day tomorrow, though I’d already told the substitute scheduler lady I wasn’t going to be able to work – I am, however, already scheduled for Friday. Tomorrow! Tomorrow, I will get this done!

NaNoWriMo today: 165
NaNoWriMo total: 4454

Other MS today: -135 [but I deleted a 490 word chunk, so added 355 back in]
Other MS total: 91104


[That was supposed to post at 12:30 this morning… now, with two kids home, I’m glad I double checked so I didn’t miss my “post every day” for NaBloPoMo… Somehow my Day 9 post disappeared – though it was in my mail box. Hoping it still counts on the NaBloPoMo page – think I “update post” when Chrome shut down and restarted rather than made a new one… I really have blogged every day though…]