NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 8

Today is my birthday :).

Wasn’t a great day. Wasn’t horrible. Had many fabulous well wishes from friends and family on Facebook! Well over 100 posts which is really nice.

Still a bit melancholy though. Not for the first time.

And it’s not about getting older either.

Last year, Matt was at a funeral and my van was broken. Stressful at best. This year, he’s working [he always does on Tuesdays] so we had cake last night. Today, I went to work, taught a couple classes. Got a phone call from my BFF first thing. Went to lunch. By myself. I do that all the time at Panera. But this was different for some reason and I felt a bit melancholy [yeah, I used the word twice. It fits :D]. Went to Lambert’s Home of the Throwed Rolls. I should have had the ham. The pulled pork was fine but the ham is better. They do a $10 discount for your birthday with a free hubcap [monstrous cinnamon roll] so the whole thing cost like 2 bucks. It wasn’t a good place to work like I’d thought about doing so picked up the 4yo and came home.

Home is good but kids have been cranky all night. They’re finally in bed. So hopefully I can get some words pounded out.

Have been praying about whether or not to enter Romance Writer’s of America’s Golden Heart contest. If you do well, it’s huge. But it’s expensive since I’m not an RWA member and would be joining at the same time. One ‘fleece’ was the money – to get it from outside the family funds. The money has come in in the form of birthday money and gift cards that can be used for things like groceries while I use family cash for the entry fee.

The other fleece is still out there. Tonight is the deadline. I need to mail the package tomorrow at the latest so if the thing hasn’t happened by the time I get up in the morning the answer is no.

I’m really praying for a yes for a couple of reasons – because I’d like to enter the contest and do well but also because this particular answer would be a good thing anyway.

Okay – I’ve not written today but I need to. So off to do it!


  • Happy Birthday, Carol.

    Birthday prayer for you – “Dear Lord, I pray that you answer Carol’s question clearly so that she has no doubt the answer comes from You. I pray that you bless her for waiting on You even though You know the desire of her heart. Please work in this situation and reward her with a closer relationship with You in the coming year. Thank you for Carol and for all those who cherish her. Amen.”

    • Thank you, Regina! The second prayer hasn’t been answered as of yet [at least not in the affirmative] but several other things have happened since I wrote this that seem to be additional confirmation of the first prayer – the money coming in. And Matt and I have talked about it a bit before but tonight he was very encouraging where before he was just more ‘um… whatever you think is best…’ because he doesn’t really know about all this ;).

      Back to writing so I can [probably] get GH ready tomorrow :).