NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 6

I’m up to 66 words for the night. Better than the last 3 days combined. Still… its like pulling teeth. Think I’m trying to force their relationship before they’re ready for it. I’m going to forge ahead for now anyway though. Was hoping to fit a smooch in right about now but they’re not feeling it, so I’m not feeling it…

Another busy week ahead. Wanna see?

  • Monday: check up for 2 kids, other 2 along for the ride [and the flu shots – plus one kid is running a slight fever tonight so may stay home anyway]
  • Tuesday: school, my birthday so a trip to Lambert’s for a late lunch likely by myself with laptop along to write for a bit if I can
  • Wednesday: dentist visit for the 6yo, last time she didn’t go to school b/c her face/mouth hurt
  • Thursday: school, MIL over, preschooler thing at school from 5-630, 10yo’s school music program thing at 715
  • Friday: sis has the day off so is going to pick up the preschooler from school which will give me about 5 hours total, then Beauty and the Beast play at sis’ school that night
  • Saturday: VeggieTale Premiere
  • Sunday: Branson with a friend to see Muse Watson [NCIS’s Mike Franks] in a show
See? Insanely busy. But hopefully I can carve out some time – house is clean so that’ll help.
And now… back to it…