NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 23 or On the First Day of Thanksgiving…

I meant to post last night but cleaning took way longer than expected [doesn’t it always? especially since, with my back, I can only work so long and do so much before I have to break] and while I did get a bit over 650 words in, it wasn’t near as much as I’d hoped for and even though I was up till 1:30 to put the turkeys in the crock pots, I didn’t get this written.

So this is yesterday’s post. Those 650 words took me past 27K. I’m thankful for that ;). But I’m going to do the whole month – so 30 things I’m thankful for. This is the first half. Theoretically, I’ll post the 2nd half later today :D.

So… The First Day of Thanksgiving…

  1. My Lord and Savior – this should go without saying, but I must say it. New mercies every morning. Thank you God for that!
  2. My husband – he’s amazing! Works hard, loves me and the kids, is great at what he does, a great friend, a wonderful father, and a fabulous husband. Plus he helps clean.
  3. Maggie – she’s 10 which is a bit scary, but she is an amazing girl-turning-woman. She loves to write and she’s a good helper.
  4. Abbie – my tender-hearted one. At 8, she’s so sweet and loving. And helps take good care of her little brother and sister.
  5. Emily – age 6. Wonderful, tenacious, precocious. Scared of nothing. The miracle baby they told us we’d lost. Stubborn to a fault but so sweet.
  6. Christopher – age 4. Another miracle. Four years ago today, we were in the hospital as he recovered from surgery to fix his esophageal sphincter. [That’s the valve between your stomach and esophagus.] Sixty years ago, the surgery didn’t exist and he would have slowly starved to death no matter what we tried because he couldn’t keep food down. Plus 15 months ago, he stopped breathing but started again. He’s so sweet and loves to hug and cuddle – right before he goes all MMA on you.
  7. The rest of my family – family of origin, extended family, in-laws, extended in-laws – without them, I wouldn’t be me.
  8. My job – I teach part-time at a community college. It affords me the best of both worlds. I can stay home with my kids most of the time but still talk to grown ups.
  9. My church – I have a wonderful church family who are like family.
  10. My friends – amazing friends who drop everything to spend several late night hours at the hospital with us when a kiddo stops breathing or spend a week staying at our house so I can go on a trip with Matt for virtually free or are there when I need a shoulder to cry on or someone to celebrate with.
  11. My writer friends – Yes – they deserve their own category, separate from non-writer friends. My writer friends will understand that. Because they understand the voices in my head don’t mean I’m schizophrenic. They know how hard it can be to make characters do what you want them to do. And how much it means sometimes when you write a hundred words. Or when you have a 10K day. They cheer with you for every agent signed or contract awarded. Even if at the same time they’re crying just a bit because they just got a rejection. And they’ll share the weight of that rejection with you.
  12. Authors – separate from my writer friends, though many of them are published authors as well. But without the authors, there would be no books. And I love books.
  13. Parachute blankets – I think they’re actually called poncho liners, but we’ve always called them camo blankets. Military issue that are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And comfy.
  14. Internet – without the Internet, I wouldn’t have met many of the amazing people in my life, even those nearby who I’ve met in person a number of times. Keeping in touch with friends and family or making new friends, researching or just goofing off, I’m thankful for Internet access.
  15. Facebook – because of Facebook, I’ve reconnected with so, so many friends and family I wouldn’t have otherwise. I can’t begin to count how many cousins [beyond my 3 first cousins] I’ve gotten to know through Facebook. [Okay – I can count… there’s over 20 family members on Facebook]. We had a big all school reunion about 18mos ago where I got to see friends I hadn’t seen since I moved almost 17 years ago at that point. I’ve gotten to know favorite authors, new friends and old friends. So, yes, I’m thankful for Facebook.

There you go. Half my thankful list. Hope to get the rest done tonight, but now, I’ve got to finish a few things to get the house ready, hop in the shower and then peel a million potatoes.


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