NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 16

Well, as I said earlier, NaBloPoMo isn’t happening now :(. Missed yesterday and you HAVE to post everyday for it to count… Ah well. I’m still planning to finish out the month…

Today was the final dentist appointment for the 6yo. She hung out at home all day because the anesthesia stuff takes a while to wear off. After we picked up little brother from school, we hit the local movie place that has free kids’ movies and grabbed 3 – including one she’d been asking to rent for a while. After lunch, they went to watch it while I wrote.

Good day today! Was hoping for 3-3500 but I’ll settle for my 2355. That takes me to 15524 for the month and moves my ‘anticipated finish’ date on the NaNoWriMo website to before Christmas ;). Also lowered the number of words I need per day to finish on time. By about six words. If I pull those extra six then I’ll be a bit over 50K by the time it’s all said and done :D.

The new beginning is working out well. Right now, there’s a bunch of stuff that would end up being cut I think. It helps me to know the characters better and helps them to know each other better but would likely be a time where ‘telling’ would be better than ‘showing’ because… let’s face it… who wants to read about driving through South Center and SE Missouri and through big chunks of Tennessee – at least if you’re not stopping to see interesting things.

Speaking of interesting… I have a cousin I’ve never met. I think we’re second cousins but don’t hold me to that – our grandmas were sisters. She lives in TN. And my book is partially set in Nashville. So we’re thinking we need a girls weekend in Music City.

For research.

Of course.

And in or near Nashville resides writer friend Kaye Dacus as well as a friend I went to high school with and another friend from church in high school who spent a number of years in the mission field in China with her family. They’ve since returned to the States and live in the area. Gosh. That would be fun. Dunno when or how it could happen though. Not at the moment…

And other things that probably won’t happen soon… LOST Retreat with fellow authors [HA! Would you believe I typed ‘others’ there?!] Jess Keller and Kristy Cambron. But oh. Wouldn’t that be fun?!  A couple of days devoted to watching eps. Word wars in between. And laughs galore, I’m sure! Those ladies are fun! I had a chance to chat with Jess [though not nearly long enough] at conference [I hadn’t met Debbie Archer – my amazing crit partner yet and she walked up as I was talking to Jessica and we saw each other a few more times but never had a chance to really sit and chat :(]. And I’m fairly certain I *met* Kristy at conference, but goodness. Most of the people I didn’t already have some connection with have disappeared into the fog. I’m so looking forward to next year when I can say “KRISTY!” and give her a big hug.

If I don’t scare her off before then ;).

Or we don’t manage that LOST retreat. But let’s face it… the likelihood is slim. That’s okay. We’ll have to have a LOST-a-thon one night in Dallas next year. We’ll make it through about 2 eps before we all fall over from exhaustion ;).

Like I’m about to do. After writing, I finished grading one set of tests, graded two sets of unit assignments and another whole set of tests. And I’m about to crash.

So adios! Thank you again, to all of you, for your support! It means more than you know!

Edit: Jessica and Kristy both list “running” on the list of things they like to do. I may have to rethink this whole thing… 😉


  • Congrats on your great word count and continued progress, Carol. I think a Nashville trip would be fun. I hope one works out for you at some point.

  • Good for you on your word count!!! We’re cheering you on!

    I love Nashville – it’s fun!

  • Yesterday was just a bad day for blogs, I guess. I couldn’t update mine because my Internet was down ALL DAY. (Though I only update Monday/Wednesday/Friday.)

  • I missed yesterday, too. We had a plumber out at 9 p.m. and I just forgot to log in before bed. Oh well. I’m still going to try for 50K.

  • Thank you ladies!

    Julie – I don’t usually post every day but the idea behind NaBloPoMo is to post everyday. I see it driving up my hit count, which is good, but I don’t know much of that is also because of NaNo.

    Regina – you can do it my friend!

    Keli and Tracy – thank you, ladies! Sadly [?], the conference they’re going to has been moved from Nashville to Indy. Which means they don’t get to eat at Lambert’s either :p. Ah well. Probably wasn’t gonna happen anyway ;).