NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 15 or ARGH!!!!

And not because it’s talk like a pirate day :p.

I forgot to post last night which means I am officially out of NaBloPoMo [National Blog Posting Month]. Oh well. My only defense is that my browser was giving me fits and then I forgot :(.

So here’s yesterday’s post. I hope to have a book review up today and then a daily ‘how my NaNo is going’ post tonight. Don’t hate me for that ;).

Yesterday, I swung 2121 words for a total of 13169. I also did a 1200+ word hour. First time I’ve done one of those in months. Or longer. Don’t think I’ve done one this month even though I’ve had some okay days. I’m down to 2300 words a day needed to finish on time and current finish date is now up to the day after Christmas.

Now I’m off to take a 6yo to the dentist [again! Last time!], breakfast at Chick-fil-A, do laundry and start a fire at some point. Planning to write while at the dentist. We’ll see how that goes…