NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 13 or The Day I Met Mike Franks

I’ll post more [including pictures] tomorrow, but today I went to Branson with a friend to see MUSE WATSON! [that’s Mike Franks from NCIS!!!!!!] in A Christmas Snow. Play was good. Meeting Muse was WAY COOL. We made sure we were at the end of the line for pictures/autographs and we got to talk to him for about 10-15 minutes. He was very nice and it wasn’t just that ‘oh, look. Fans I have to be nice to’ thing. Gave us both a couple hugs. Told us teeny tiny tidbits about NCIS coming up. And talked about life in general a bit.

Just getting ready to hit the manuscript for the night. Hoping to get a couple K in. But have to go back and start a couple months earlier. The hero/heroine need to meet a couple months before I had them meeting. Not much. Just a couple run-ins at a local gathering. But need to go write it.

Best get to it! But before I do… excuse me while I squeal like a schoolgirl.


/ahem/ At least he knew we weren’t really stalkers ;).

One comment

  • I’m squealing with you! I hated that his character got killed off. I love NCIS and it’s one of the few
    shows my 18 year old son would watch with me while in high school. He’s in college now, and I’m recording them hoping we can watch some over Christmas break.
    Squeal! I’m so excited for you!