NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 11 or Let the CryFest Continue

Tonight, we took my 4 kids to my sister’s high school to see their production of Beauty and the Beast. Hubby brought me and the 2 little kids home early because they were done. 4yo started asking if it was over before Gaston even showed up… 6yo told us by the end of the first act that she was going to need two chairs if she was going to lay down and go to sleep…

So here I am posting. I did make over 1700 words yesterday. Not sure where I’m at today but did get some done. Am still WAY behind of course.

I was over on Seekerville where Tricia Goyer is sharing a story for Veteran’s Day. She’s on the Pentalk Blog today too. Both will give you chills.

As I was commenting on Seekerville, my WOW playlist randomly landed on Mark Shultz’s Letters From War. So I had to go watch the video…


And that led to Toby Keith’s American Soldier


And John Michael Montgomery’s Letters from Home… [Okay – this is some random person video taping their TV but I can’t get the others to embed and can’t find an actual video on YouTube so try this one.]


And of course, Lonestar’s I’m Already There.


I already tagged all my friends and family I could think of on Facebook, but I want to take a moment, again, to publicly thank the friends and family who have served – or stayed behind, often as a single parent, so they could keep me, and my family, free.

Because freedom isn’t free. Your sacrifices are never forgotten and always appreciated.

  • Joe: Navy
  • My mother-in-law [who was married to my FIL at the time] and step-father-in-law who also served in the Navy, though long before they knew each other
  • Ivan [and Liz]: Marines, Army Reserves
  • Dusty [and Kim, my cousin]: Army
  • Amy and Joel: Army x2
  • Marty [and Christine]: Army? I’m ashamed I don’t know for sure
  • Jayson: Coast Guard
  • Dave [and Jennifer]: Marines
  • Steve [and Sarah]: Air Force
  • Chris: Air Force
  • Tina Radcliffe: Army
  • Cara Lynn James and her hubby: Navy x2
  • Karen: Army
  • Ava
  • And so many more that I can’t remember, or don’t know, and can’t name for whatever reason.


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