NaNoWriMo 2011: Day 10

Couple things made me cry the last couple days.

First, this video – security camera footage from inside the Joplin schools during the Joplin Tornado in May of this year.


In Suburban Straightjacket, a tornado based on the Joplin Tornado [in the fictional town of Cooper, MO], plays a role in restoring some relationships. This storm system went less than 15 miles south of us and as it did, the news was saying there were still tornadoes on the ground.

Very. Scary. Night.

Thanking God, still, that school was out of session when this went through. It would have been… bad.

The other thing that made me cry earlier today was a stinkin’ Walmart commercial.

It won’t let me embed it here, but you can find it on Walmart’s Facebook Page. About a soldier coming home. You’ll need Kleenex. These commercials and music videos always make me cry.

And no, I’m not pregnant ;).

So as far as NaNo goes… today I’ve gotten some writing done. I’m at 672 words for the day and finally over 5K for the month. Gee, I’m not behind. Tomorrow should be a good day. Sis is taking the 4yo for a few hours so… Need to take advantage of that.

But the day’s not over! Goal for the day? 1K. Maybe more. We’ll see ;).

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