Musings, 12/7/10

Current Facebook Status: is done with lectures for the semester! Last paper gets turned in tomorrow though so lots of grading still left to do, but it’ll be done by Friday morning so ALMOST DONE! Two more days of up at 530 [and one up at 5 for the final :p]. So close!

Currently Playing In the Background: Not sure, Leno maybe?

Well, I’m just killing time until the new Seekerville post goes up – because it’s Julie Lessman day and it’s coming any minute now.  And then I can be first :).

Weekend ended up being CRAZY between a sick hubby [have never seen him that sick ever], sick kids, shopping, Christmas shopping, hanging out with Penny and Kristen Feola’s book signing, among other things.  Now we’re in the last week of school and all that goes along with that.

So Erryn Mangum Day didn’t happen :(.  Julie Lessman day 2 is tomorrow, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

[Hang on – Seeker post is up]

Okay, read Julie’s post and commented on it.

So notes for around here…

  • I’ve been asked to do a guest blog next month about Valentine’s Day.  Will definitely post a link when it’s time!
  • Hard copy of Unbreak Her Heart has been edited again and I’ll be working on the edits on the computer tomorrow.  Off to the editor by Friday /fingers crossed/
  • Something else I can’t remember because I’m exhausted

Tomorrow: Julie Lessman’s A Passion Redeemed