Monday, Monday…

Current Facebook status: TGIM? I’m trying to be thankful God, I really am, but I’d much rather still be sleeping… 😉

I’m so not liking this 8am class thing [though I suppose it is much better than the 7am class thing a number of years ago – however, then I lived less than 10 minutes from campus…].  Alarm at 530 should be illegal.  And now, about six hours after posting that status, I still wish I was napping ;).  But alas, I’m not.  On the upside, I’ve been playing with ‘Sup’man’.  Christopher is convinced that he’s ‘Sup’man’ – but even that didn’t protect him from getting a big ole knot on his head last week :(.  Thursday night, it was bigger than a fat Tootsie Roll.  Four days later, it’s shrunk to the size of… well, a regular Tootsie Roll, maybe a bit smaller.  He’s fine though :).  He’s made of tough stuff.  Guess his sister had some Kryptonite on her when she bumped him into the Entertainment Center ;).

Today’s a big day for me!  I’m [un]officially* a member of ACFW!  I am quite excited about this :).  I also ordered three books: Candace Calvert’s Code Triage, and, on her recommendation, Code Blue and Medical Error both by Richard L. Mabry, MD.  I initially had Critical Care and Disaster Status in my cart instead, but, since I just read those and Mabry’s are not available at my library [though I have requested them and they are ‘under consideration’], I went with Mabry instead.  The other two will be purchased soon :).

And since I am now a proud member of Amazon Mom, I get free two day shipping so they will be here on Wednesday!!!  Wednesday is Disaster Status review day [finished it again yesterday] and the day I get Code Triage!  That’s just a good day all around :).  Lots to do in the meantime so I can curl up on the couch with the book once I get it :).

And I get to see friends at my First Place 4 Health Bible study tonight – that’s always good!  Watch this spot for squeeing when my username/password are approved and I can access all the ACFW goodies!

*[Un]officially because I filled out the application and Paypaled them my money but don’t have access to the website just yet.