Lopsided Love

First off, huge props for Janella coming up with the other E word – EBOOKS! So the last post [well, besides the ‘ad’ for Kathleen’s visit] should have been “Easter, Eyepatches, and Ebooks”. Duh. Thanks, Jen! [Seriously – do you know her yet? Cuz she’s awesome :D.]

Plus this is my 200th blog post. Deserves a party but I can’t enjoy the cake anyway ;).

So… Tuesday. Back to work. I work part time and am a mama, housewife and author. My part time job [that I love] is teaching American Government at a local community college. And that’s great. Except it means today I had to talk for two and a half hours. And my speech* deteriorates the longer I talk. The F, B, and P sounds are especially hard for me so talking about things like the Federal court system and Brown v. Board and so on was loads of fun. My students were pretty cool though and didn’t give me too hard a time, though they did ask me to repeat things a couple times.

Plus, I felt like I looked cute ;).

My sister has finished a couple more eyepatches for me, but the hubs forgot to pick them up on his way home Tuesday night so I’ll have them Wednesday night. They work well, forcing my right eye to rest so that when I really need it [for say, driving], it’s not already worn out. But my left eye wears out faster, too, because it’s picking up more slack.

Tuesday, several people, including students and co-workers, said they could see an improvement from first thing in the morning to the time I left about 1:30 in the afternoon. Asked Matt tonight after he got home and he winced and told me he didn’t think so, but by then it had been a long night so that could be why.

So where’s the lopsided love come in?

Monday, I asked the four-year-old if he wanted a kiss. He scrunched up his face and said, “Mama, you’re lopsided.”

I laughed and said, “Well, how about a lopsided kiss?” And this is the face I got:

What a sweetie! Love that boy!

Next time… Whine and Cheese – don’t miss it!

*See, Janella, told you I’d talk about speech this time ;).