Last Day of School and Other Interesting Things

Current Facebook Status: Last day of school for the kiddos! Time to make cookies [since I uh forgot to make them last night] and then take them up to school. Then date night after the kids go to Aunt ‘G’ory’s’ house for the night!!
Currently Playing in the Background: Uh… birds and a lawn mower. And sneezes. Because my allergies are driving me NUTS.

Please, please please, remember to keep Joplin in your prayers. It’s not too far from me. Westboro Baptist is supposed to be there Sunday protesting something or other. A peaceful counter protest is planned.

But on a lighter note… Look what I found today!


I was quite excited. I’ve been watching for this one =D. Can’t wait to get back to Allegany County!

And look what else C and I found. He thought it was way cooler than I did [but I still thought it was pretty cool…].

Yep. That’s a Cars Slip-n-Slide! Think I may know what someone’s getting for his July birthday ;).

What do you think? Think he’ll like it?

And for the record, the bag is a Superman bag. Not a purse. =D

We’d gone to the store to get stuff to make cookies to run up to the school since today is the girls’ last day of school before break. I don’t know how this happened. Honest. I don’t. It just… hopped on in.But after we left the store, we went home, made cookies and ran up to school. Found all my girls, but only two teachers :(. They’ve all had such a wonderful school year! They all loved their teachers and I loved their teachers too! We’re going to miss them next year!

Though, it’s possibly Emily will have Abbie’s teacher next year [moving from K to 1] since I haven’t heard she’s moving to another grade/school. Like Maggie’s teacher. Who’s moving to a different grade AND a different school? Couldn’t she just teach 4th grade at OUR school? And keep Maggie?!

And Christopher only has a couple years before K, so maybe he’ll get Em’s teacher. Plus she and I already have lunch plans for the summer =D.

Here they are!

Maggie and Mrs. Brown!

She loves Mrs. Brown and is going to miss her so so much next year!

Abbie and Mrs. Carter! [She had to take her hood down. The wind was cold but we didn’t want the Unabomber look ;).]

Abbie loves Mrs. Carter and had such a great year!

And of course, Emily and Mrs. Jones. She a-dores Mrs. Jones!

Mrs. Jones wasn’t there so here’s one of the two of them from the kindergarten music special from a  couple months ago.

So sad another school year has come to an end. The older girls will start summer school in a couple weeks, but Em decided she didn’t want to go. We’ve got lots of fun stuff planned but still so sad to see these ladies leave their role in our lives :(.

[And I can’t make the last 3 pics cooperate so the writing is a bit funny. Sorry :(.]