January’s Goals

Current Facebook Status: rang in the New Year by playing Quiddler – after a rousing game of Mexican Train ;). The company made it worthwhile though =D. Now to figure out what goals she wants to reach this month…
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January Goals

So part of this whole goal thing is to break them down into manageable chunks.  The plan is this: each month I will look at each of the goals I set for the year and set monthly goals.  Not all of the annual goals will have a corresponding monthly goal to go with it and that’s okay.

For January, my goals are the following:

1. Do my Bible study every day by the end of the year.
– Twice a week this month.  Hopefully better, but we’ll see…

2. Blog.  Three times a week.  Every week.  Or at least a note why I won’t be blogging that day.
– Start by writing those Julie Lessman reviews :p.  And Erynn Mangum…

3.    Lose 125lbs by 3/2012 [yes, I know that’s more than a year .  There’s a reason for that goal =D.  No, I’m not saying specifically why.]
a.    Lose 20lbs by 3/11
–      Will start with 8lbs this month…

4. Exercise daily – that means at least 6 days a week – also, RUN a 5K
– Will start with 2xs a week this month…

5. Develop and make habitual house cleaning/other routines
– Write out routines and zone cleaning stuff, print, create notebook to keep it all in

6. More fun stuff as a family – game night at least twice a month; Wii Fit/Resort Fun Night the other two weeks
– Would like to do this completely this month – all 4 times

7.    Finish first drafts of at least five manuscripts
a.    Liz [already at 53K]
b.    Nick/Debbie [already over 50K]
–      This is Novel Track month over at ACFW.  My goal is to finish both of those rough drafts this month as a part of that.  I think it’ll be about 50K…

8. Contests – enter them
– Get Genesis entries ready this month [Unbreak Her Heart and Nick/Debbie – gotta come up with a title for it too…]

9. Complete/finished/”final” draft of 3 manuscripts
– Well, technically, I guess it’s going to be FOUR manuscripts since I didn’t quite get UHH done this week.  Need to finish it ASAP.

10. Read 4 books a month.  For research.  Yep.  That’s it.  Plus one non-fiction or craft book.
– Oy.  Only four?!  I’d like to finish off Mary Connealy [I have 7 of hers to read] and I have 3 from another author checked out of the library. Maybe I can take them to work with me if I don’t have grading etc to do.  I also need to finish Bliss

11. Query
– It’s not really a query, but I had a request for a full manuscript of UHH and I need to send it off as soon as it’s done.  Like ASAP.  Like this week.

So there we have it… Sunday or Monday, I’ll post this week’s goals as well as an update on Novel Track [with each post].  Off to edit…


  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, just reading your goals wears me out. I have some, but they’re much less involved. In fact I’m heading over to my own blog now to blather on about them.

  • You’d like to FINISH OFF Mary Connealy?
    Wow, that sounds mildly threatening!!!


  • /finishes squeeing that Mary was actually here/

    Ah, Mary! You know that’s not what I meant! I’d have every Friend of Seekerville after me and I can’t take them all on at once! Maybe one at a time…

    I do have 6 pieces of Mary-fic sitting here waiting to be read, but I haven’t gotten to any of them yet :p. Am hoping my sister has Sharpshooter before I finish the ones I have so I can borrow it 😉 [they are on my Amazon wish list]. I haven’t read anything this week, except my own MS but I think the thing is finally done so hopefully, I’ll get some reading done tomorrow and the first Montana book is next on my list [after finishing Bliss].

    How much Mary-fic are we expecting this year?

  • Isn’t Mary always finishing someone off? It’s probably good her characters are fiction, because if you kill off that many people in the real world, someone bound to come along and return the favor.

    I’M JUST KIDDING! The last time I teased Mary about her “reputation,” she nearly finished me off 🙂

    I will defend her by saying that she only killed off on person in the Lassoed in Texas series, and he was dead before the story started.

    I love you, Mary!